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The patient typically presents with a cracking sound in the erect phallus followed by quick detumescence.
The male refractory period is further defined by the inability to achieve an erection during this period, and by detumescence of the penis (Yilmaz & Aksu, 2000).
Various causes have been proposed, such as disturbed detumescence mechanism, obstruction of draining venules, psychiatric medications, eg, trazodone, pharmacological injection therapy for impotence, sickle-cell anemia, leukemia, marijuana, ethanol, or cocaine.
They would feel the stage's detumescence as a sudden emptying out, an absence of tension in the immediate vicinity and a sense of closure to the scene that is suggested by the outflow, which, on a primitive level, would carry a sense of the Romans' attack as almost inevitably successful.
For many men in Papua New Guinea, therefore, colonialism and modernity have been discussed in terms of emasculation and a range of negative experiences including feelings of inferiority, subordination, bodily detumescence and dependency (see Herdt 1981, 1987; Clark 1992; Brison 1995; Kulick 1993; Lattas 1992; Tuzin 1997; Knauft 2002).
Anaesthetic, Oscar Wilde Blood count, Dracula Detumescence, stomach medicine Gallstone, it annoys Tony Incontinent, a member of the European
8) Man becomes woman at the moment of sexual climax because this is simultaneously the moment of anticlimax, the downward arc of detumescence.
Shields has written about how in the early 1980s she broke away from the traditional short story structure, which she describes with a sly hint at its gender affiliations as 'that holy line of rising action that is supposed to lead somewhere important, somewhere inevitable, modelled perhaps on the orgasmic pattern of tumescence followed by detumescence, an endless predictable circle of desire, fulfilment, and quiescence'.
The smooth muscle cells in segments of the penis (corpora cavernosa) can either 1) relax, thereby allowing increased blood flow to the penis, or tumescence, or they can 2) contract, resulting in detumescence, or the flaccid state of the penis.
Where Chernaik's Rochester enacts the narrow masculine plot of tragic detumescence, his Behn remains (femininely?
Each session consisted of 15 stimulus periods, lasting approximately 2 minutes each, separated by a detumescence period.
Equally important, of the 70 patients receiving test doses of PGE1 two patients required detumescence by withdrawl of venous blood because of a painful erection persisting beyond four hours.
Stella's rounded body is a visible sign of "the basic rhythm of life" that Leonard Quirino finds in Streetcar's pattern of"tumescence and detumescence, desire and death.
001% adrenaline solution to both corpus cavernosum twice within 20 minutes, which eventually did not achieve detumescence.