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diminution of swelling

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The imbalance of arterial inflow and outflow may be caused by disturbances in the mechanism controlling penile detumescence and the maintenance of penile flaccidity due to excess release of contractile neurotransmitter, malfunction of the intrinsic detumescence mechanism, obstruction of draining venules, or prolonged relaxation of intracavernosal smooth muscle (4).
Normal process of detumescence occurs because of sympathetic mediated arteriolar constriction, which results in the reduction of inflow and enhanced venous drainage.
The Petrarchan lover's metaphorical impotence recalls the Ovidian persona's detumescence, and so Marlowe links the lover-poet in the Amores to both the Petrarchan lover-poet and the persona in the Elegies--and it is specifically at the moment when these poets are at their most enervated state.
The male refractory period is further defined by the inability to achieve an erection during this period, and by detumescence of the penis (Yilmaz & Aksu, 2000).
Possible role of bradykinin and angiotensin ii in the regulation of penile erection and detumescence.
So, in practice, the Bush Doctrine has undergone a certain detumescence.
with sex is the fundamental orgastic rhythm of tumescence and detumescence, of tension and resolution, of intensification to the point of climax and consummation.
Somewhere alongside his thoughts of obligations to creditors, an abortive theatrical career, and a forsaken rabbinical calling, and perhaps while listening to the tumescence and detumescence of biblical hymns rising before the ark and resonating among the towering walls and stained-glass windows, this young composer, a Mr.
Various causes have been proposed, such as disturbed detumescence mechanism, obstruction of draining venules, psychiatric medications, eg, trazodone, pharmacological injection therapy for impotence, sickle-cell anemia, leukemia, marijuana, ethanol, or cocaine.
They would feel the stage's detumescence as a sudden emptying out, an absence of tension in the immediate vicinity and a sense of closure to the scene that is suggested by the outflow, which, on a primitive level, would carry a sense of the Romans' attack as almost inevitably successful.
For many men in Papua New Guinea, therefore, colonialism and modernity have been discussed in terms of emasculation and a range of negative experiences including feelings of inferiority, subordination, bodily detumescence and dependency (see Herdt 1981, 1987; Clark 1992; Brison 1995; Kulick 1993; Lattas 1992; Tuzin 1997; Knauft 2002).
Anaesthetic, Oscar Wilde Blood count, Dracula Detumescence, stomach medicine Gallstone, it annoys Tony Incontinent, a member of the European
For what connects fiction--and music--with sex is the fundamental orgastic rhythm of tumescence and detumescence, of tension and resolution, of intensification to the point of climax and consummation.
8) Man becomes woman at the moment of sexual climax because this is simultaneously the moment of anticlimax, the downward arc of detumescence.