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Synonyms for detritus

Synonyms for detritus

the remains of something that has been destroyed or broken up

loose material (stone fragments and silt etc) that is worn away from rocks

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Les ordures menageres et autres detritus s'accumulent partout, ce n'est pas une vue de l'esprit.
In A-CN-K diagrams the samples make linear trend towards illite which suggests that the sediments were derived from a tectonically active source going through non-steady-state weathering, where the detritus has been derived from different zones ofweathering profiles.
This is the reason as to why weeds are seen growing up along the sides of walls and pavements, as they can only grow where detritus remains.
occurred in >5% of samples) dietary categories were identified: chironomid larvae; ephemeropteran nymphs; simuliid larvae; trichopteran larvae; unknown invertebrates; amorphous detritus.
The indicators that have shown the greatest improvement - detritus and staining - are directly linked to street cleaning activity and suggest councils are finding ways to do more with less, the organisation said.
One thing's for certain: it won't be draining away any time soon because all the gullies in every gutter are blocked with summer's detritus.
Discarding detritus deserves draconian fines, but even just pounds 10 per offence, properly enforced, would clean up this still very dirty city.
For describing the areas the composition of sediments has been used: sands, clays, lacustrine chalk, marl, sandy gyttja clayey gyttja detritus gyttja calcareous gyttja, and peat.
AaSidon locals who headed to the beach on Wednesday were shocked by the vast amount amount of medical detritus Aa Aafrom syringes to serum bags, filters used for renal dialysis and other medical products that had slid from the dump of the southern coastal city.
Even California's State Attorney General/past and likely future governor Jerry Brown was sighted down the block, proving that great minds think alike in reference to reuse of urban architecture and cultural detritus.
But when the Nasa scientists looked for organic material, the detritus of living organisms, around the landing site, their experiments yielded negative or ambiguous results.
Passing from room to room, one encountered the detritus of addiction's insanity, along with Pizarre assemblages of new-age and druggie ephemera-evidence that "natural magic" failed to meet its Utopian ideals.
It later became full of leaves and detritus and was filled in probably during the late 50s early 60s.
Density fractionations showed that OM stored in surface mineral soils partitioned towards plant detritus fraction under cooler climates on both rock types.