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Synonyms for detritus

Synonyms for detritus

the remains of something that has been destroyed or broken up

loose material (stone fragments and silt etc) that is worn away from rocks

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42, respectively), predominantly composed of amorphous detritus.
The indicators that have shown the greatest improvement - detritus and staining - are directly linked to street cleaning activity and suggest councils are finding ways to do more with less, the organisation said.
In the middle of the AT detritus gyttja with a high content of organic matter was formed in the lake, and already at the beginning of the Subboreal (SB) (Fig.
AaSidon locals who headed to the beach on Wednesday were shocked by the vast amount amount of medical detritus Aa Aafrom syringes to serum bags, filters used for renal dialysis and other medical products that had slid from the dump of the southern coastal city.
Newhall Street and Edmund Street were closed to normal traffic to enable a film crew in the back of an open-top Land Rover to whizz across the landscape of detritus under the watchful gaze of a giant poster of Matthew Boulton on top of the Central Library.
Even California's State Attorney General/past and likely future governor Jerry Brown was sighted down the block, proving that great minds think alike in reference to reuse of urban architecture and cultural detritus.
But when the Nasa scientists looked for organic material, the detritus of living organisms, around the landing site, their experiments yielded negative or ambiguous results.
The bags were also a bit heavy, even before being loaded with all the personal detritus people feel compelled to lug around.
Density fractionations showed that OM stored in surface mineral soils partitioned towards plant detritus fraction under cooler climates on both rock types.
Morgan Thorson has a mix-master mind, from which postmodern movement and the detritus of everyday life spin out as hilarious vignettes.
The last offers tales of priceless art scooped up during Japan's bubble era shopping jag and now gathering dust in waterfront warehouses, of the post-bubble's human detritus displaced by under-the-cherry-blossom revelers in Ueno Park, of the risutora-nigeya, specialists in the clandestine relocation of families of breadwinners "restructured" and now forced to flee creditors.
MERRIMACK RIVER -- WHOI scientists Rocky Geyer and Jim Lerczak explore the dynamics of estuaries, where rivers tumble into tides, salt water mixes with fresh, and detritus washed from the land churns with material imported from the sea.
However, once this particular threshold is transgressed, they should be treated as detritus and flushed down the the drain like any other human waste.
In addition to a haunting performance of an elegiac song, Dwyer gives us something memorable: the pulse of a desperate man clawing his way through the detritus.
These bang ups also leave behind atomic detritus from both the sample and the tip, a messy situation that can hamper atom-scale construction projects.