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Synonyms for detritus

Synonyms for detritus

the remains of something that has been destroyed or broken up

loose material (stone fragments and silt etc) that is worn away from rocks

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To the East of the Tempisque River, in the area of the Cerro Naranjo the emplacement of Barra Honda over intensely deformed detrital formations as young as middle Eocene may be attributed to gravity tectonics and/or a transpressive setting along longitudinal strike-slip faults that have been postulated along the Tempisque River.
Sircombe KN (1999) Tracing provenance through isotope ages of littoral and sedimentary detrital zircon, eastern Australia.
Microarthropods, as fungivores and detritivores, are another potential link from the detrital pathway to the aboveground ecosystem component.
Responses of predators in other experiments that enhanced the detrital resource base of the leaf litter food web
Provenance implications of detrital zircon assemblages of a sand bed at 600 m in this section (Force and Barr 2012) were supplemented by detailed study of coarse-clast assemblage at three other horizons in this section, two below and one above the detrital zircon sample as shown in Figure 3.
According to EDS analyses, iron-rich patches (2-4 mm in size) contain 20-30% Fe, which occurs as iron oxide coating on detrital grains.
Chemical reactions in weathering crusts and soils have much in common with diagenetic processes in detrital sediments (see Curtis, 1983; Jeans, 1984; Morton, 1984; Huggett, 1984; Kantorowicz, 1984; Blackbourn, 1984; and other authors of papers in Clay Minerals, vol.
In order to specify the composition of the insoluble components of OS, and to search for possible detrital quartz and other sand grains of terrigenous nature, a selection of samples of insoluble residue from different layers was studied by SEM.
The detrital modes of sandstone of the Khojak Formation within the Pishin Belt were documented by Qayyum et al.
It has been suggested that variations in MS are related to changes in lithogenic (aqueous, detrital and aeolian) inputs during transgressive-regressive cycles, which in turn results in changes in the amount of iron, clay and ferromagnesian constituents (e.
Marquee Energy will be able to speed up the development of its light oil fairway at Michichi, comprising 370 million barrels of discovered petroleum initially in place, besides over 300 identified drilling locations targeting the Detrital / Banff reservoir.
Clay mineral variation in sediments and sedimentary rocks may result from modifications to detrital sediments related to tectonically controlled changes in sediment source (Chamley, 1989), or from changes in the intensity of weathering or variations in depositional conditions depending on climatic conditions and sea level (Schieber, 1986; Li et al.
The Puncoviscana Formation encompasses a thick and complex metaturbiditic sequence whose Neoproterozoic to Early Cambrian age is constrained by trace fossils, ages from detrital zircons and volcanic intercalations, and by the Early Cambrian intrusion of the Canani and Santa Rosa de Tastil granite batholiths (Bachman et al.