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Synonyms for detritus

Synonyms for detritus

the remains of something that has been destroyed or broken up

loose material (stone fragments and silt etc) that is worn away from rocks

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Fractures, bedding surfaces, and levels rich in detrital material provided pathways for the migration of fluids and, therefore, during diagenesis recrystallization took place especially in these levels.
Both the clay and the iron-oxides are present largely as thin, incomplete coatings on, and bridges between, detrital grains.
The detrital zircon spectrum for sample 180] is similar to spectra in 3 samples from the Horton Group in the St.
In addition to rich organic matter, it also contains detrital minerals like quartz and feldspars, as well as clay minerals like kaolinite, andreattite and illite, with the respective average content of 45% (detrital minerals) and 37% (clay minerals).
It is worth testing whether this putative change in regional basin geometry could be indeed reflected in the detrital zircon population from Paleozoic sandstones of the mid-Baltic area.
Sandstone samples were analyzed for their petrography and heavy mineral studies to constrain regional detrital and paleotectonic history of Late Paleozoic Eastern Gondwanaland.
In these conditions, sudden input of detrital material that would consume quantitatively and quickly dissolved oxygen was rather limited.
On the other hand, smectites in these estuarine environments can be either detrital or authigenic.
The Company participated in the drilling of a seventh horizontal well in the Penn Detrital formation of the F.
KEY WORDS: shellfish feeding behavior, feeding regulation, chlorophyll-rich organics, detrital organics, shellfish growth modeling
As the phytoplankton are eaten by larger zooplankton, small fish, and larger animals up the food chain, some of the contaminants end up in fecal pellets or other detrital particles that settle to the seafloor.
Nonetheless, we can safely say that ecological restoration contributes to carbon sequestration in living and detrital biomass, which, in turn, cools the biosphere.
The relatively lower abundance of Fe, Mn and P in the samples are probably the reflection of low detrital and organic effects relative to the inorganic chemical carbonate precipitate (Tucker, 1983).