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cause members of a tribe to lose their cultural identity


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Hizb, the more radical of the two, mainly attracted detribalized Pashtuns with secular educations.
Our institutions are to be detribalized and positions given to any qualified Southerners on the basis of meritocracy.
The stereotypical "humble, happy-go-lucky 'good nigger' or 'native' who 'knew his place'" gave over to a newly imagined type: "the 'cheeky, uppity, insolent, treacherous, sly, violent new black man or detribalized scum' who threatened the status quo" (Williams and Williams 7).
Machar will detribalized the agriculture ministry where 85% are Baris; Security, Finance and Education where 80% are Dinkas and Southern Custom Unit where 75% there comes from his tribe; not to mentioned over 50% in the army.
Thus, the notion that urbanites are or should be detribalized and by extension, exercise stronger loyalties towards state institutions rather than the ethnonational group is not universalistic, and generally not consistent with Africa, because Ghanaian "urbanities are only partially detribalized" (p.
The increasing presence of scouts and translators, the mutual preference for women and children among captives, and the growing evidence of Indianized Spaniards and detribalized Indians suggest a merging and blending of the two races and peoples rather than a simple case of assimilation.
Since she could not locate verifiable or specific "Indian" ceremonies in Robeson County (and only one melody located in her historical research), she staged a re-enactment of a detribalized Southeastern Indian green corn dance.