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Triceps brachii strength and regional body composition changes after detraining quantified by MRI.
Bones benefits gained by jump training are preserved after detraining in young and adult rats.
Another PE-based planning problem related to flexibility is its expected decrease after a period of detraining (Mayorga-Vega et al.
The training protocol adopted a randomized crossover design that was separated by a 16-week detraining period (Figure 1).
Earlier, leader of the opposition Shehryar Mehar pointed out towards the detraining law and order condition.
It discusses the influence of factors contributing to dyspnoea, principles of training and detraining and provides a strong evidence base for respiratory muscle training as well as literature pertaining to different training devices.
Amosov concerning the issues of nutritional and physical training and detraining of an organism.
This is not to mention those teachers that remain in post but whose work suffers as a result of detraining mental health worries.
The motor examination score of the UPDRS III, which assesses the symptoms of PD, improved constantly during the 20 wk training period and worsened during the detraining period to the level presented at the fourth week of EMST.
Beatrice defects to the warrior class Dauntless, a whooping, hollering, aerially detraining bunch with a fashion aesthetic that falls midway between "UFC fighter" and "Hot Topic clerk.
In addition, a reduction in work rate associated to lower exercise intensity may cause a detraining effect in the muscle(23).
Non--Uniform Muscle Growth, Contralateral Effects and Training and Detraining Time Course
The effect of balance exercises and detraining on neuromuscular functioning and balance of healthy elderly men", Koomesh Journal, 3: 245-353.