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Mathur and Singh (2007) and Campos and Lien (1999), stating that corruption has a detractive effect on FDI, come to the conclusion that the 'helping hand' is valid in some cases.
Other state policies which can be attractive or detractive for FDI include regulations of business environment indicating the level of bureaucracy in the country.
They also were quicker to express supportive or detractive analogies regarding the authors' arguments.
Sweden, June 30 -- In a detractive decision of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), Government of India (GOI), the implementation of new pictorial health warnings has been deferred to December 1, 2010 from the earlier commitment of introducing them from June 1, 2010.
5) Finally, Said's view of Naipaul as "a kind of belated Kipling," (6) aside from its apparent ignorance of Naipaul's detractive critique of Kipling (which appeared as "Theatrical Natives" fifteen years before Said's article in the same publication, The New Statesman) is, I believe, a gross simplification of Naipaul's complex understanding of colonialism.
The detractive multi-focal focusing effect and the phase of the optical field, the stochastic quantization of locally supersymmmetric models, and the effect of convection on wavelet estimation for a multi-dimensional acoustic earth are among the five topics addressed by physicists and mathematicians from a wide scattering of countries.
In the interest of public health and social responsibility, as well as dramatic veracity, the medically detractive effects of smoking could be outlined in the concept of the most popular soap operas, as well as the sensationalist hospital melodramas, to illustrate the stark consequences of tobacco dependency.