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But their situation didn't detract from our win then and the situation they're in right now won't detract from what we've achieved next week if we can win the Ramsdens Cup.
These illuminate the development of the novel and do not in any way detract from the flow.
The overall effect of the images was to detract from the intended message of caring for the caters.
You can't fail with plain green leaves as a neutral background that won't detract from the flower.
This democratic installation did, however, detract from the emphasis on spectacle and narrative that has taken on such importance since the mid-'90s, as evident in Marina Abramovic's beautifully made The Lovers, the Great Wall Walk, 1998, or in the sex scene on horseback, candidly filmed in startling, fast-moving close-up, in Rustam Khalfin and Julia Tikhonova's Towards an Understanding of Limitations, 2005.
Councillor Rodney Berman said that the 'inappropriate use' of words should not detract from the event which is staged at the Wales Millennium Centre on Thursday.
His brandishment of many motorists as criminals has done nothing to enhance his reputation at a time when yobs and binge drinking have done much to detract from night life in our towns.
It enables the taking of snapshots in low-light conditions without the need for a flash, which until now often tended to detract from or even destroy the mood.
The artist index and polaroid model styles are in the back, so as not to detract from the image impacts.
While it is sometimes difficult to follow a timeline in this book, which bends one's sense of time in a manner reminiscent of Gabriel Garcia Marquez in his One Hundred Years of Solitude, this does not in any way detract from the story's engaging nature.
A spokeswoman for Mayor James Hahn said he also was concerned that Ludlow's initiative could detract from the quest for a half-percent sales-tax increase, part of which would be earmarked for gang-intervention efforts.
Captions are also minimal, just a name, maybe a word or two, so as not to detract from the images.
The author also indulges in presenting somewhat unprofessional opinions that detract from what is ultimately an interesting read and rare historical account.
While these projects are important, they detract from the department's ability to execute its audit plan.
If only the prose flowed smoothly, all these problems would not detract from the impact the story could have.