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treat for alcohol or drug dependence


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The SkinnyTeaUSA[TM] Cleansing Blend helps relieve bloating by detoxifying the gastrointestinal track and helping it move along accumulated biological waste material causing internal congestion and poor nutrient absorption.
50) to smooth and tone, creamy gel Pedicure Salt Scrub and Soak (pounds 5), soap free Detoxifying Body Wash (pounds 5), and the non-drying Detoxifying and Firming Body Mask (pounds 6) are all available from a local Avon representative or order direct on (0845) 601-4040, www.
By centrally collecting the waste, containing the treatment to a specific area, adding nutrients at specific times in the process, and monitoring the resulting products, the detoxifying processes are confined, accelerated, and pushed toward completion more safely and consistently.
In Chinese medicine, spring is associated with the element of wood (one of the five elements), and wood governs the gall bladder and liver So think of spring, wood, and liver when you think of detoxifying.
This amazing mud from across the globe is also famous for its detoxifying properties, which, combined with 26 minerals cleanse and rejuvenate the skin naturally.
The detoxification cycle: Ancient wisdom behind detoxifying from a Traditional Chinese Medical perspective
After a shower the detoxifying body wrap, comprising a variety of seaweed gels with sugar kelp and seamoss, is applied and is cool when it goes on, but also feels rich and nutritious.
According to Dale, "Washing, detoxifying and adding nutrients back into the pretreated cellulose are three separate steps.
But the Detoxifying Algae Wrap is both quicker than most and far less messy.
Tokyo, Japan, Jan 24, 2006 - (JCN) - Kanebo, a leading Japanese cosmetics manufacturer, announced on January 23 that it has developed a method for detoxifying the body.
Specific herbs, pure food, water, and other natural elements, help the body's detoxifying systems to release these toxins.
CLAIMS: Detoxifying treatment helps boost your metabolism and speed up elimination of toxins.
This upstream insertion could affect how often the gene was transcribed, and thus the amount of a detoxifying enzyme produced.
La Quinta's various treatments include its Grape Seed Crush Glow, Citrus Scrub, Silken Honey Treatment, Detoxifying Seaweed Body Mash Mountain Dunes Clay Wrap, and Cahuilla Sage Wrap.