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treat for alcohol or drug dependence


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While traditional and basic tablet and capsule formats remain the bedrock of innovation in the North American digestives and detoxifying treatments segment, brands have in the past year increasingly embraced chewable products," Mintel states in its July "Category Insight: Digestives and Detoxifying Treatments" report.
The SkinnyTeaUSA[TM] weight loss tea program consists of a daily energy tea blend, the Energizing Blend, taken preferably in the morning and a detoxifying tea blend, the Cleansing Blend which is consumed every other evening.
The 80-minute Detoxifying and Purifying Voya Wrap at St Brides Spa Hotel costs pounds 75.
The Detoxify and Revive package at The Spa at The Address Dubai Mall combines a hydrobath experience and detoxifying body wrap while a foot reflex massage performed while you are enveloped in a body wrap encourages the elimination of toxins.
SpaceNK Bath Soak Seaweed Detox is a highly- concentrated non-foaming seaweed bath soak with calcium, zinc and five per cent sea-water to reinforce the detoxifying and toning action.
If you are unable to replace present fillings due to costs or for other reasons, there are still important health benefits to detoxifying the build-up of metal toxicity.
New additions to Avon's Planet Spa range include detoxifying home spa treatments formulated with mineral-rich Dead Sea salt and mud to remove impurities and give skin a real boost.
The path to a detoxifying Pahoehoe Wrap with volcanic mud is only an elevator ride away.
Historically, natural sand has been used to provide a surface on which microbes live and reduce nutrients in the wastewater to elemental components, detoxifying it for release back into the environment.
When bound to either vitamin D or lithocholie acid, the receptor triggers cells to make a detoxifying enzyme that destroys lithocholic acid, the scientists report in the May 17 Science.
Health food stores and head shops carry products like carbohydrate drinks, detoxifying teas, shampoos and synthetic urine that promote a guarantee that drug tests for marijuana's active agent, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, and other illicit drugs like methamphetamines and opiates will return negative.
In Chinese medicine, spring is associated with the element of wood (one of the five elements), and wood governs the gall bladder and liver So think of spring, wood, and liver when you think of detoxifying.
This amazing mud from across the globe is also famous for its detoxifying properties, which, combined with 26 minerals cleanse and rejuvenate the skin naturally.
After a shower the detoxifying body wrap, comprising a variety of seaweed gels with sugar kelp and seamoss, is applied and is cool when it goes on, but also feels rich and nutritious.