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treat for alcohol or drug dependence


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The liver can filter, detoxify, or store harmful substances.
To improve our health and quality of life, we can choose to detoxify or remove that which does not contribute to our well-being.
The local government intends to detoxify the land on the spot if they can obtain the approval of the local residents, local government officials said.
And there's no better time to detoxify than springtime.
Dead Sea mud has world renowned detoxifying properties, which combined with Yes To Carrots' proprietary blend of 26 minerals, cleanse, detoxify and mineralize the skin naturally.
This pattern is consistent with an inability to detoxify [poisons], especially heavy metals," such as mercury or lead, James says.
1986), when combined with lipoic acid, helps to improve an individual's ability to detoxify (Packer et al.
Decatur/Atlanta Renew Detoxify Rejuvenate Your Health: thru 10/16.
CITA, (Center for the Investigation and Treatment of Addiction) owns the rights (patent pending) to the process known as UROD (Ultra Rapid Opiate Detoxification) to detoxify heroin addicts and individuals suffering from addiction to opiate-based drugs and medications.
The new product, which is extract drink richly containing minerals, amino acids, humic acid and fulvic acid, helps detoxify the body and maintain health.
Mice lacking Nrf2 also showed less activity in genes encoding proteins that detoxify pollutants and that support cell survival and growth.
The hypothermic response will buy time for the rodent's body to detoxify harmful agents, but it may also slow the clearance of some chemicals.
SCENT OF A WOMAN: ``Aromatherapy'' is a trendy term for using scents to soothe, calm and detoxify us from all of life's traumas, from bad hair days to smog, but Reseda author Tara Fellner gives us the real deal in her latest wellness book, ``Aromatherapy for Lovers: Essential Recipes for Romance'' (Journey Editions/Tuttle Publishing; $14).
OTC Bulletin Board: DTOX) announces the execution of the License Agreement with Centinela Hospital to utilize CITA's proprietary (patent pending) UROD method to detoxify patents addicted to opiate based drugs.
Research on how to get the mercury out of Andrew's system led Goddin to a book called Detoxify or Die by Sherry A.