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treat for alcohol or drug dependence


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African black soap detoxifies and purifies the skin.
Through its combination of whole, organic food ingredients, Berry Raw Reserve supports a healthy digestive system, supplies high omega 3 fatty acid content, detoxifies and boosts the immune system, balances acidic pH levels in the body and provides potent antioxidants to combat free radicals.
And in animal and cell culture studies, garlic compounds stimulate the biochemical pathway involving glutathione, which detoxifies foreign materials.
Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, LockUpLead[TM] is a new, patented product, adapted from proven technology used in military applications, but reformulated with food-grade ingredients as a 100% nontoxic spray cleaner that detoxifies lead dust on contact.
Newborns produce substantially less of the enzyme paraoxonase-1 (PON1)--which detoxifies organophosphate pesticides--than do adults, potentially leaving them more vulnerable to organophosphate exposures.
It's engineered to maximize air flow and reduce hydro bills, it's easy to install and plug in; but most importantly it truly detoxifies the air in your home, down to the smallest particulate.