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treat for alcohol or drug dependence


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The detoxified samples were air-dried (at ambient temperature) to remove residual solvent in them.
The amino acid profile of the raw and detoxified samples of TSM was determined by ion exchange chromatography using Technicon Sequential Multisample amino acid analyzer (Technicon Instruments Corporation, New York) after sample preparation according to the methods of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC) [28].
There was little significance and sometimes no significant difference in the performance of this detoxified meal compared with the control diet.
Detoxification of peach kernels led to an improved amino acid profile, with the detoxified meal having a higher percentage of essential, aromatic, sulphur and basic amino acids, while the undetoxified meal had a higher proportion of the non-essential and acid amino acids[29].
It also reacts on a molecular level with poisonous lead dust to form lead compounds that are permanently detoxified.
HemoCleanse will add the Monsanto bioreactor to the DTPF System, so that the blood can be detoxified before reacting with the hepatocytes.
However, he says, once these microbes begin to chow down on the PCBs, the pollutant cache appears to become detoxified at a rate of approximately 50 percent every three to five years.
licensed whole-cell DTP vaccine, a chemically detoxified DTaP vaccine, a diphtheria and tetanus vaccine alone, or Pertugen.
The trial data also suggest that Pertugen may produce fewer cases of local swelling and fewer rectal temperatures greater than or equal to 38 degrees centigrade than the chemically detoxified DTaP vaccine included in the trial.
Also, there were fewer cases of pertussis in the group immunized with Pertugen than in the group immunized with the chemically detoxified acellular pertussis vaccine.
Further, during the extended follow-up in Stage II, the risk of developing whooping cough was 50 percent lower in children previously immunized with Pertugen than in children previously given the DTaP vaccine containing the chemically detoxified acellular pertussis vaccine (18 cases vs.
Silver is recovered and the detoxified liquid is used in the manufacture of several fertilizer products, resulting in the total recycle of a previously hazardous waste.
The two acellular pertussis vaccines tested in Italy showed equal overall protection, but the Chiron Biocine genetically engineered acellular pertussis vaccine was found to have several distinguishing characteristics versus the chemically detoxified acellular vaccine from SmithKline Beecham with which it was compared, including a better safety profile.
A total of 14,832 infants received all three immunizations at two, four and six months with one of four vaccines: a genetically engineered DTaP (acellular pertussis combined with diphtheria and tetanus toxoids) vaccine formulation from Chiron Biocine; a chemically detoxified DTaP vaccine formulation from SmithKline Beecham; a DTP (whole-cell pertussis combined with diphtheria and pertussis) vaccine formulation from Connaught Laboratories Incorporated; or a placebo of DT (diphtheria and tetanus toxoids) from Chiron Biocine.
Also, there were significantly fewer cases of pertussis with onset between the first dose and 30 days following the third dose among infants receiving the Chiron Biocine genetically engineered acellular pertussis vaccine compared with those receiving the chemically detoxified acellular pertussis vaccine and the whole-cell pertussis vaccine.