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a treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol intended to remove the physiological effects of the addictive substances

treatment for poisoning by neutralizing the toxic properties (normally a function of the liver)

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Scanlan, MD's article "Suboxone: concerns behind the miracle" (November/December 2010 issue), and we are writing to elaborate on several points and to review detoxification and maintenance treatment evidence to expand upon his anecdotal experience.
Mutual treatment planning often involves a decision whether to initiate buprenorphine maintenance treatment or to use the medication as a means of detoxification from the misused opioid.
Will Present the Latest Clinical Applications of a Healthy Metabolic Detoxification Program
In response to recent reports questioning the safety of rapid detox to treat opiate dependency, The Waismann Method of Detoxification Under Anesthesia today announced the launch of www.
Lofexidine has been used in an estimated 200,000 detoxifications over 13 years in the UK, where it is marketed by Britannia Pharmaceuticals as Britlofex[R].
In the UK, the treatment is responsible for approximately 20,000 detoxifications per year.
In the UK, BritLofex is a leading detoxification agent with more than 20,000 detoxifications carried out per year and is also used in outpatient settings, providing another option for areas where treatment clinics are not available.