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Synonyms for detox

the hospital ward or clinic in which patients are detoxified

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treat for alcohol or drug dependence


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In this regard, detoxes involve pharmacologic intervention along with psychological support.
Since detoxes typically involve diet modification and often calorie restriction, weight loss is a typical result.
In addition, there is little research establishing safety, efficacy, indications, and contraindications for detoxes.
From this literature, a 60-question survey was developed to obtain a broad overview of the perceptions and experiences with detoxes.
For example, types of detoxes were organized to fit in the categories of Kit/Supplement, Juice/Tea, Fast, Dietary changes, and Other.
Andrew Langford, the trust's chief executive, said: "While people go on January detoxes to 'rejuvenate' their liver, it would actually be more beneficial to adopt a more long-term attitude to achieving good liver health.
The success rates of chemical detoxes are in single figures.
At Sunset Malibu we have an experienced staff that has assisted in hundreds of medically supervised detoxes in a nurturing environment designed to keep clients as safe and comfortable as possible.
Florida Detox successfully detoxes patients who use over 300 milligrams of methadone daily.
Potent detoxes are incredibly purifying for the body and cause a lot of change quickly.
Liver and colon detoxes are growing in popularity as more consumers learn to avoid illness through proper prevention measures such as intestinal cleaning and detoxification.