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Synonyms for detox

the hospital ward or clinic in which patients are detoxified

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treat for alcohol or drug dependence


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Lemon Fresh lemon juice has been a staple of any detox for years, especially when added to water and drunk first thing in the morning.
Detox Delight is not only healthy, it is also delicious: Developed from accredited nutritionists and raw food gourmet chefs, all meals and juices are produced from fresh ingredients every day and gently prepared using only the most exquisite ingredients.
It could be determined which types of detox are best for certain symptoms or patient profiles.
The only detox diet I'll be following this month is the Get More Sleep And Move Around More diet.
Anyone who has experienced symptoms of migraine, IBS or stress for years can experience huge relief from detox.
The group has based its advice following research by a number of leading scientists into the role of detox solutions.
It's unacceptable to provide rapid detox without also enrolling the patient in a treatment plan that helps the patient get at the root of the addiction.
The hope has been that this approach would result in less discomfort and therefore higher completion rates than other detox methods, but that has not been borne out.
In fact, some who have tried detox programs have given up, saying the headaches and deprivation aren't worth it.
In addition to private care, Gallus Detox Centers' intravenous based detox method is one of the safest methods of detox , allowing the board certified physician team to adjust and customize medications quickly and dependent on each patient's individual needs.
I've been saying for decades that detox diets, detox products and detoxing in general are rubbish.
Detox is using what you have to reach health faster.
Integrative Therapeutics, Green Bay, WI, has launched Detox Weight Manager, which was formulated in response to emerging evidence that environmental chemicals can influence endocrine function and metabolic pathways involved in body weight regulation.
Mineral Hip & Boots DETOX FACE MASK FOR a quick detoxifying treatment, try Nataliya Robinson's recipe for a banana face mask that's suitable for all skin types.
DETOX YOUR FACE For a more radiant complexion, Catherine de Groot, co-founder of Trilogy, recommends removing dead skin cells with a gentle exfoliant.