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Route 008 that operates Fourth Street and Zayed First Street will be detoured to Hamdan Street going through Sixth Street and then follow the normal route.
54 and Route O bridges will be used to carry local detoured traffic to Route C and then to North Bluff Street or Route O.
Southbound traffic is being detoured at OSullivans Bridge, south of Murchison, onto SH6, then SH69 at Inangahua, then SH7 at Reefton through to Springs Junction.
Traffic from the east (Bolton) will be detoured on Main Street south to George Hill Road to Langen Road and back to Route 117.
departure from Gateway Station also will be detoured.
Traffic will be detoured off the freeway from the Pearblossom Highway off-ramp to Sierra Highway, then to Avenue S.
During milling operations, eastbound traffic will be unaffected but westbound traffic will be detoured.
Traffic from the west will be detoured down Langen Road to George Hill Road to Main Street to Creamery Road to Route 117.
CRESWELL - Night owls driving along Interstate 5 south of Creswell will be detoured to Highway 99 on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, the Oregon Department of Transportation said.
One motorist reported that she was stuck in traffic about a mile from Escondido Canyon Road, where traffic was being detoured off the freeway, and her car was running out of gas.
Beginning June 6, traffic will be detoured west on Pembroke Avenue, south on Church Lane, west on Baltimore Pike and north on Lansdowne Avenue.
Hwy 19 traffic will be detoured to Hwy 93 and US Hwy 169.
Traffic will be detoured using Chase, Cameron and Chestnut streets.
Thursday, traffic will be detoured west onto 19th Avenue, then north at Henderson Street to Franklin Boulevard.