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a mechanical or electrical explosive device or a small amount of explosive

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This means that the logger is incapable of firing the detonator under any circumstances.
This type of initiation system allows all of the detonators in the blast to be ignited simultaneously, with each detonator then firing at a slightly different time based on the predetermined delay time of that detonator.
New on the market is ICI's Excel shock-tube detonator.
Cheaper at longer lengths--In a pyrotechnic detonator, the head of the detonator is relatively cheap and the tailwire is relatively expensive.
They were removing the detonator of a grenade to deprime it.
STRUGGLING to check the use of ammonium nitrate repeatedly in bomb explosions, the home ministry has now proposed that detonators produced by licenced companies in India must carry a barcode.
Matthew Campbell, 33, of Woodedge Avenue, Dalton, was yesterday jailed for three years and nine months after admitting possession of a sawn-off shotgun and a military detonator.
College principal Rachel Ellis-Jones said: "The detonator had to be treated as if live.
VANDALS caused an explosion after placing detonators on a Merseyside railway track.
The experts sandbagged the detonator - which had writing in German on the casing and may have dated from World War Two - before blowing it up.
Total accuracy, so avoiding fragmentation and damage problems caused by detonator timing 'scatter';
Sasol has reached an in principle agreement with Australian-based Orica Mining Services, part of the Orica Limited group, a leading provider of commercial explosives solutions, in terms of the technology, manufacture and distribution of electronic detonators.
The type of blasting the mine desired required a system based on an electronic detonator with a high tensile strength downline wire, precise delays, and flexibility both in terms of allowable number of detonators in any given blast and blast duration.
Detonators and detonator cards were also recovered from the same area.
BT Police Duty Sgt Alan Davidson said: "Workers will not approach them if there is a train coming and they are directed to turn their back and crouch down if they cannot get 40ft away from the detonator and a train is approaching.