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a mechanical or electrical explosive device or a small amount of explosive

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POTENTIALLY dangerous railway detonators have been stolen from train tracks.
Only a few weeks ago, a teenager from Essex sadly lost their sight after a detonator accident so I can't emphasise the dangers enough.
But for faulty detonators, a similar fate would have befallen people of Pune during the August 1 serial blasts.
It is believed they took a box of detonators, used as fog signals on the rail network, from a nearby depot.
One of the detonators was so volatile it exploded even as it was being bagged up for evidence.
The Nitro Detonator features 20-inch alloy wheels, a premium stereo with subwoofer, remote start, parking assist, and exterior colour-matched cloth seat trim.
Matthew Campbell, 33, of Woodedge Avenue, Dalton, was yesterday jailed for three years and nine months after admitting possession of a sawn-off shotgun and a military detonator.
The three-year-old Detonator ran in June and was one of the 88 rather than the seven, but he actually greatly improved on his autumn two-year-old form last month when going close in useful company in a 1m2f handicap at Pontefract.
Detonator or igniter sets off burster or main charge (filler)
POLICE last night issued a warning after 12 railway detonators were stolen from a garage in Blaenclydach in the Rhondda.
The mobile phone rigged to be used as a detonator in the bomb - a system also used in the other bombs - is their first big break in the case.
The flour being fuel that would burn and the hydrogen peroxide providing oxygen so that when fired by a detonator, the mixture would explode.
It was made from a mixture of diesel fuel and nitrates and had a sophisticated detonator.
The man claimed he had a bomb in the backpack and a detonator in his hand, Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Lt.