detonating fuse

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a fuse containing an explosive

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The market size of the industrial explosives accessories such as safety fuse, detonators and detonating fuse on the basis of production.
The Product Detonating Fuse 8 Gram/Metre (Or) Above Size Should Be In The Valid Approval List Of Peso On The Date Of Tender Opening To Satisfy Pqr-1 Condition.
Chief Controller of Explosives for possession for sale of the tendered type of detonator & detonating fuse & submit the same along with techno commercial bid Part-I .
Tenders are invited for supply of small and large dia cap/non-cap cartridge explosives, cast booster and detonating fuse at our various units in rajasthan
ANFO manufacturers are required to take licence for possession and use of blasting accessories viz booster, safety fuse, detonating fuse and detonators under Explosive Rules, 2008 for which a firm has to obtain No Objection Certificate (NOC) from District Authorities and NOC from Director General of Mines Safety (DGMS).
Tips detonating fuse the disc should be zaparafinowane and crimped aluminum scales.