detonating device

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a mechanical or electrical explosive device or a small amount of explosive

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Police said another cache with 13 grenades, 35 detonating devices, over 700 rounds of ammunition and explosives was found in the Stavropol region, in the North Caucasian Federal District, RIA Novosti reported.
The aim of this system is to induce peak voltages in the electronic detonating devices that either detonate the bomb at a safe distance or permanently damage the detonation system.
Iraqi soldiers from the 68th Brigade, 11th IA Division seized 25 82 mm mortar rounds, 19 artillery rounds, six 60 mm mortar rounds, five mortar tops, three improvised-explosive devices, three detonating devices, an anti-tank mine, 12 rocket launchers, 11 RPGs, a body armor set, three AK-47 magazine pouches, 200 grams of homemade explosives, two RPG fuses, three radio chargers and one spool of electrical wire at approximately 10 a.
The CID officials said that the terrorists were planning acts of terrorism, by targeting important and sensitive buildings, installations, and police, while among weapons impounded from them also include 3 suicide jackets, two bundles of detonators, two remotes, nine detonating devices, one time-delay device, 18 non-electronic detonators, 10 electric detonators, one Light machine gun silencer, one Kalashinkov rifle with four magazines, one TT pistol, one weapon cleaning kit, 6 hand grenades, 10 grenade launchers, 25 kilo explosives, three uniforms of a corporate company, and many other items.
Some 20 detonating devices were also confiscated by the ISF.
The firecrackers, which were without fuses and other detonating devices, are believed to have been abandoned by one of the 300 passengers aboard the flight.
The would-be terrorists plotted to carry the explosive material and detonating devices disguised as drinks, electronic devices and other 'common objects'.
A plastic box containing explosives and several detonating devices was found on a French railroad linking Paris to the Swiss city of Basel early Wednesday afternoon, Radio France reported.
For example, its detection system in a door opening or hallway is used to detect persons carrying arms or detonating devices into a building, thereby alerting appropriate security personnel.
The plane's manifest listed clothing, automatic transmission fluid and a small amount of detonating devices used to activate car air bags.
Over 650 kilograms of explosive material, including 520 detonating devices (12 packs of two different kinds), 357 bricks of the aemolite explosives, 20 bags of gun powder and 3 bags of sulphur powder, were recovered," the News quoted a source in the police department, as saying.
US Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said the would-be terrorists plotted to carry the explosive material and detonating devices disguised as drinks, electronic devices and other 'common objects'.
The coroner Lady Justice Hallett will examine how each victim died and whether MI5 could have stopped the four suicide bombers from detonating devices on three Tube stations and a London bus.