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the act of deposing someone


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Therefore, Mazhar Osman published his book Tababet-i Ruhiye (Psychiatry) shortly after the proclamation of the Second Ottoman Constitution in 1908, which led to the dethronement of Sultan Abdulhamid (17).
the dethronement of the novel as the dominant fictional episteme of the
12) Imbued by their seasoning in New Labour with, in the words of the noted historian Ross McKibbin, an entitlement to rule, they won't "accept their dethronement lightly.
Other factors have been identified that might account for the personality profiles highlighted by Sulloway, including parental anxiety, dethronement, and only-child uniqueness (Claxton 1994).
Because this indicator may impact on the economic health of the US government and may eventually trigger the dethronement of King Dollar.
Soyinka has recommended in The Man Died that "the first step towards the dethronement of terror is the deflation of hypocritical self-righteousness" (15-16).
One good example is found in Lewis's critical essay on The Lord of the Rings, with the title of "The Dethronement of Power," specifically his interpretative commentary on Tolkien's depiction of the heroic protagonist.
The dethronement of Blatter - when it eventually materialises - was football's most urgent and compelling task.
Germany, known for Oktoberfest, bratwurst and legendary cars like BMW, Mercedes and Porsche, should also thank the FIFA World Cup of the turnaround in its image that led to the dethronement of the U.
On the other hand, according to Cicero, during the long period after the dethronement of the Etruscan kings (509 BC) to his era, there were always in Rome those orators of popular assemblies, whose action was beneficial to the res publica.
He was already eyeing a challenge to Conquest but quickly switched to McKenzie of course after the dethronement.
Partly this was the result of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century dethronement of the autonomous mind, a revolutionary defenestration as to which the Legal Realists had played the role of enthusiastic Jacobins.
Whilst the Christian clergies were agitating for the dethronement of Cankli, a tricky situation unfolded, when a Portuguese vessel laden with valuable cargoes was stranded in the shallow waters of the peninsula.
34) She argues that under the US context, necessity jurisdiction would not mean a dethronement of the minimum-contacts doctrine, but "a relaxation" of it.
However, this was still not enough to halt the revolution that led to the dethronement of President Hosni Mubarak after serving as the President of Egypt for 30 years.