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remove a monarch from the throne

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Digital payments will dethrone "cash as king" in the Middle East, and boost regional GDP by nearly $100 billion, UAE-based mobile wallet startup Trriple announced today ahead of GITEX Technology Week.
Your encouragement shows that we will not only dethrone one government, but two.
The sports nutrition beverage as well as an enhanced water beverage will be marketed under the Dethrone Royalty brand as Dethrone Beverage.
Sabljarevic manages to dethrone top seed Talih for the girls under-16 crown
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-31 May 2010-Finnair aims to dethrone SAS in Nordic region, CEO says(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
All the odds and stats as Andy Murray aims to dethrone the big guns
Roger Federer has won this event three times in the last four years, claiming victory in 2006 with a comfortable straight-sets win over James Blake in the final, and the world number one will be a tough champion to dethrone this week.
In this year's tournament, teams will try to dethrone the 2006 championship team from Lakeside Metals of Cleveland.
has vowed to put considerable money and effort behind its bid to dethrone Apple Computer Inc.
One of the deans of the movement, law professor Phillip Johnson, has told gatherings of Religious Right groups that he wants to use ID to dethrone evolution and convince people to accept Jesus as their personal savior.
IT'S hard to imagine where in Sweden you'd be able to drive at 242mph, but that hasn't stopped Sweden's supercar company from rolling out an offering to dethrone the 1994 McLaren F1 from its title as the world's fastest production car.
follow me, no, not to dethrone czars, that's too risky, but to search for courage" will find an intriguing academic exercise.
According to a Cretan myth that was later adopted by the Greeks, Cronus, king of the Titans, upon learning that one of his children was fated to dethrone him, swallowed his children as soon as they were born.
In fact, SSDs have the potential to dethrone HDD as the top laptop storage choice within 10 years, the high-tech market research firm says.
Cape Town, June 6 (ANI): South African Test cricket captain Graeme Smith has said that his team will seek to dethrone India as the number one team when the new season starts.