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  • verb

Synonyms for detest



  • hate
  • loathe
  • despise
  • abhor
  • be hostile to
  • recoil from
  • be repelled by
  • have an aversion to
  • abominate
  • dislike intensely
  • execrate
  • feel aversion towards
  • feel disgust towards
  • feel hostility towards
  • feel repugnance towards

Synonyms for detest

to regard with extreme dislike and hostility

Synonyms for detest

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Just when you thought it was time to stop hating the BBC's Euro 2004 coverage, he reminds you why detesting the Beeb's team is quite acceptable.
In Kerman, I remember a group of young women I'd run into in the bazaar who waxed eloquent on the paradox of detesting Iran's regime while at the same time resenting the interference of outside powers.
But then the reporter discovers that there may be a better justification for detesting this deceptive representative of a soft-speaking nation.
According to a recent `loo etiquette' survey commissioned by SCA, 59% women rank leaving the seat up as men's most annoying toilet habit, with 23% detesting men splashing out and missing the bowl and 12% deploring males' reluctance to change a toilet roll.
This year, I'm detesting music and art,'' he joked.