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Synonyms for detestably

in an offensive and hateful manner

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Responsible or not, he was equally an accomplice of his detestably mischievous daughter.
His highly-polished boots creaked detestably whenever he moved.
Arnado said some of the farmers and leaders have already decided to start their journey back to their homes because they have already conveyed their message of desperation, which he said, unfortunately and detestably would not have gained attention and importance if they had not risked their necks.
The news was not well-received in the company's home city, with one fan telling The Oregonian "This is detestably bizarre.
They knew that the idea of India is too sublime to be debased into a nation of 'one culture, one religion, one language', akin to the detestably failed Nazi slogan 'Einvolk, ein Reich, ein Fuehrer' (one people, one state, one leader) of old.
According to results from dozens of volunteer taste-testers who participated in the studies, infrared heating doesn't detestably alter the mild taste, smooth texture, attractive appearance, or other characteristics that make almonds one of the most popular tree nuts.