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Synonyms for deter

Synonyms for deter

to persuade (a person) not to do something

Synonyms for deter

try to prevent


Related Words

turn away from by persuasion

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Deters grew up in small-town Illinois where, "I picked up some ambition.
In his new role, Deters will conduct analyses of CBOE's corporate strategies; coordinate development of corporate goals and initiatives; evaluate business opportunities; negotiate product license agreements and maintain relationships with index licensors and other corporate partners.
What does one need to know in order to deter in each case?
Deters said he expected to bring murder charges against the couple soon.
Public officials argue that stiff fines are a deterrent, but in fact history has proven they do little to deter violations and certainly they don't deter jaywalking, or in this case make an elderly person walk faster.
of Burlington, Massachusetts, the device allows the owner to quickly enter a one-digit code to open it, but it visually and physically deters a thief.
Consequently, there exists a "limit output," which if jointly produced by the oligopoly, deters entry.
5) The presence of SROs in schools makes students, teachers, and staff members feel safer and deters acts of violence.
TRAFFIC PROBLEM: Road noise deters many people from viewing a property
In other words, a policy that deters students or bans them outright from participating in extracurricular activities isn't just bad for students, it's bad for society.
The first is to maintain a robust presence overseas aimed at shaping the international security environment in a manner that deters would-be aggressors, strengthens friends and allies, and promotes peace and stability in regions of tension.
What deters is a certain background sound: grating and insistent, it registers unmistakably as the grinding of an axe.
When a person bites into horseradish, it bites back--producing a stinging sensation that deters many people from taking a second mouthful.
Mazel also noted a fee could deter less affluent owners from filing a protest just as the index number fee often deters them from continuing with a meritorious case.
Carolyn Deters, telecomm analyst for IDS, says the company used to rely on a mainframe-based TSO (time sharing option) facilities control system tied to its Northern Telecom Meridian SL-1 PBX.