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Synonyms for deter

Synonyms for deter

to persuade (a person) not to do something

Synonyms for deter

try to prevent


Related Words

turn away from by persuasion

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on which it ultimately must be judged'--resolving disputes among nations and, failing that, deterring or resisting aggression.
Day-long session aimed at deterring, detecting and combating fraud
A factually based rationale for making alcohol violations a priority combined with proven strategies for deterring the illegal purchase, possession, and consumption of alcohol by minors stands the best chance of addressing this growing concern.
The Memex system supports an all hazards-all crimes approach to policing by giving law enforcement agencies the tools to focus their investigative efforts on preventing and deterring crime and terrorism.
It supports an all-hazards, all-crimes approach to policing by giving law enforcement agencies the tools to focus their investigative efforts on preventing and deterring crime and terrorism.
That capability will enable Banorte to better protect our customers by more swiftly detecting and deterring the threat of fraud," said Carlos Avila, Operations Executive Director of Banorte.
We are pleased that the DCIA has recognized digital watermarking as an effective tool for identifying copyrighted entertainment content, including music, movies and images, for the purpose of deterring copyright infringement," said Reed Stager, executive vice president, Digimarc Corporation.
ToolWatch provides a variety of solutions for tracking, managing and deterring theft of large tool and asset inventories.
By enlisting the power of the community, Blue Security then takes a revolutionary, active approach to deterring spammers from sending spam to any member of the registered community.
Currently, the New Jersey Office of Counter-Terrorism administers, coordinates and leads New Jersey's counter-terrorism and preparedness efforts with the goals of identifying, deterring and detecting terrorist-related activities.
Political Backlash Toward Offshore Not Deterring Market Adoption
School administrators who have implemented Vericept's technology have informed me that Internet monitoring assists in deterring misuse and allows them to more effectively detect and intervene when such misuse occurs.
The decision in our case is a crucial first step in holding rogue states accountable and deterring the torture of POWs in the future.
At its heart, the judgment in this case is the only official record that holds Hussein accountable for the torture of American POWs and begins the process of deterring torture of American POWs in the future.
The Committee concluded that Putnam Investments' procedures for monitoring and deterring excessive short-term trading in regular Fund retail accounts were reasonable in light of the tools and information available to Putnam Investments, contemporary regulatory guidance and general industry practice.