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Synonyms for deter

Synonyms for deter

to persuade (a person) not to do something

Synonyms for deter

try to prevent


Related Words

turn away from by persuasion

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Often, the answer lies not so much with the deterrer as with the deterred.
Scenario 1: Side B, the deterrer, holds hostage the critical interests (A1) of Side A, the one being deterred, asking Side A to compromise in A2, which is not as valuable as A1, whereas Side B's cost (B2) would be very small and ignorable.
9 (1994) ("If one wants to be a rational deterrer of others' threatening acts, one may have to become irrational.
1191, 1195 (1994) ("If one wants to be a rational deterrer of others' threatening acts, one may have to become irrational.
We need the federal cop on the corporate beat as both an apprehender and deterrer of corporate crime.
That is to say, a change of behavior in the direction desired by the deterrer may affect other, more important iss ues on the target government's agenda.
If hatred of the deterrer prevails, the reprisal is likely to serve as provocation rather than deterrence, breeding more violence rather than suppressing it.
Munies d'eau et d'aliments, ces femmes, vetues d'habits uses, voilees de foulards barioles et fardees de potions et produits locaux, pour certaines de Kerkem et safran, pour d'autres le Mekkara et Hommira, des preparations a base de plantes pour proteger le visage du soleil et de la poussiere suffocante, utilisent pour deterrer ce minerai, les moyens traditionnels disponibles, dont des tamis et des regimes de dattes uses et polis, des outils derisoires et inappropries, pour depoussierer le terrain et recuperer le gravier.
Le demineur [beaucoup moins que] Houchiari [beaucoup plus grand que], considere comme le heros dans le documentaire, est parvenu en 25 ans a deterrer de Halebja plus d'un (1) million de mines de guerre, a indique le realisateur.
The Comedy of Deterrers Overkill has survived three decades of isarmament in the few nations still stockpiling more than enough nuclear weapons to vaporize themselves: Megatons per Kilotons per million population square mile U.