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Synonyms for deterrence

Synonyms for deterrence

Synonyms for deterrence

a negative motivational influence


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a communication that makes you afraid to try something

the act or process of discouraging actions or preventing occurrences by instilling fear or doubt or anxiety

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Full Spectrum Deterrence is by no means a quantitative change in our credible minimum deterrence, it is rather a qualitative response to the emerging challenges posed in South Asia, he underscored.
6) Counterterrorist deterrence strategies are often unpopular because of their perceived heavy-handedness and a lack of confidence that the strategy can be used against a nonstate actor.
Credible Deterrence is a key component of any effective enforcement strategy.
The political and military officials of nuclear possessing states assume the responsibility to use these weapons if deterrence fails.
5) If true, this would suggest that cyberspace might be more amenable to deterrence by denial, that is, through security defenses, than other domains of warfare.
Part I of this Comment argues that, contrary to the prevailing justification put forth by courts embracing the nonsurvivability rule, posthumous punitive damages do advance general deterrence.
Service members may be awarded the nuclear deterrence medal if they were assigned, deployed or mobilized to a wing, center or below in support of the nuclear enterprise for 120 consecutive days or 179 nonconsecutive days.
Bruce s passion for the counterfeit deterrence program and his devotion to his students make him stand out, said Richard Wall, Chief of the Currency Department.
Number of factors are responsible for changing the nature of nuclear deterrence in South Asia i.
My argument in this article will be that deterrence is not ruled out by Buddhism's pacifist teachings, and appears to be accepted even in early Buddhism as a morally acceptable strategy for the avoidance of conflict.
Our belief in the special psychological ability of these weapons to coerce and deter--which forms the foundation for deterrence theory--is based almost entirely on this one event.
The deterrence value of a 142-ship navy would put Canada back in the ranks as a naval power.
Elliott Broidy is the latest national defense expert selected to a leadership role at Threat Deterrence LLC
Nuclear deterrence has been a fundamental element of international relations since the Soviet Union's development of nuclear weapons in 1949 ended the United States' monopoly on the technology and started the Cold War.