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Synonyms for deter

Synonyms for deter

to persuade (a person) not to do something

Synonyms for deter

try to prevent


Related Words

turn away from by persuasion

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That does not suggest that, when the police are guilty of culpable conduct, they are more deterrable the more culpable that conduct becomes.
North Korea has been held at bay for the past half-century, raising a hope that it, unlike Iraq, is deterrable.
The other argued that Saddam is rational and deterrable, and thus the United States should not attack.
A small number of groups, which view their struggle as an Armageddon, may not be deterrable and must, therefore, be rendered harmless by the use of force.
unintentional"), then his statement is nonsense: Many unintentional events are avoidable and thus deterrable.
The terrorists may not be deterrable themselves, but those they depend on for assistance may well be.
Drunk driving "is a deterrable offense that ends lots of innocent lives unnecessarily.
United States that officer conduct be both culpable and deterrable in order to justify application of the exclusionary rule.
Possession of weapons of mass destruction would render al Qaeda a far more dangerous threat than deterrable or weak enemy states.
While these conflicts may seem improbable and deterrable for the foreseeable future, they cannot be dismissed.
A state should be permitted to preclude the asserted defense only if there is substantial reason for the Court to conclude that problems of identification would make the defense too difficult to administer or that some important purpose of punishment, not equally well accomplished by civil remedies, is served by punishing even those who are not blameworthy or deterrable.
They would have been more convincing, and more consistent with the underlying philosophical principles of their own approach, if they had stuck to an idea that they briefly introduced earlier in the book: that a nuclear-armed Iran, even under Ahmadinejad, would be no less deterrable than the Soviet Union or China under Stalin or Mao, respectively (p.
the Court speculated that such offenders are less deterrable than
First, she claims that the certain actor is more dangerous because he is less deterrable insofar a has demonstrated his willingness to violate the law even though he is certain his conduct is crimina actor who is only aware of a high probability that his conduct is criminal, on the other hand, might deterred from acting if he had certainty.