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(philosophy) a philosophical theory holding that all events are inevitable consequences of antecedent sufficient causes

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In short, we cannot accept the determinist evolutionary model of socio-biology as the totality of human experience without sacrificing moral responsibility.
In a certain way this is also the popular conception of free willing, undetermined will, which is also the conception that the determinist seeks to demonstrate as illusory.
Importantly, biological determinist approach conceptualizes sex-differentiated roles not only as 'naturally given' but also as largely unchangeable (Coltrane, 1994; Brandser, 1996).
Most humanists, however, insofar as the old "free will/ determinism" argument lingers on, are determinists.
Wallace rejects compatibilism on the ground that determinism is fatalistic (59, 61-62, 65), but, as I argued above, soft determinists need more than the allegation of fatalism to displace their dialectical credibility as evitablists, and--although this has apparently escaped his attention--Wallace's own proposal of Buddhist-FW is prima facie determinism-friendly.
Sam Harris's book demonstrates the worst qualities of writings by determinists.
The idea that specific causal conditions matter to the chain of events distinguishes the determinist from the fatalist, who accepts only "fate" or "destiny" as an overarching cause, and the idea that actions are initiating causes (even if they are themselves caused) distinguishes the soft from the hard determinist (and accounts for the fact that soft determinists are evitablists, whereas hard determinists are inevitablists).
As Goodman later notes (162), Western determinists do sometimes recommend eliminating anger via reflection on arguments for determinism.
But despite this nod in the direction of the sort of counterfactual abilities many soft determinists consider constitutive of soft deterministic free will, most hard determinists--Goodman likely included--think such abilities can never be instantiated in a deterministic world because in such a world alternate conditions never actually occur, in which case his nod in the direction of counterfactual abilities is only nominal.
regarding X versus not-X are handled a certain way, such that she satisfies a sufficient amount of the sort of agent proximal criteria soft determinists consider constitutive of deterministic autonomy, (24) then she arguably has agent proximal abilities soft determinists construe as sufficient for free will.
Much as they diverge ideologically, difference feminists and biological determinists share a propensity for sweeping statements based on modest evidence.
Global fatalists and determinists agree on a single, invariable, necessary series of events, but for acausal and causal reasons, respectively.
Nevertheless, arch genetic determinists and other prominent scientists as well as "bioethicists" are advocating human germline gene therapy and human cloning.
The ongoing debate on the interrelationship among race, socioeconomic status, and social problems has again been brought to the fore by the recent publication of books by biological determinists, most notably The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life (Herrnstein & Murray, 1994) and Race, Evolution, and Behavior (Rushton, 1997).
Behaviorists and determinists are so wedded to their reductionistic modes of thinking that they miss much of what goes on "in heaven and earth.