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anyone who submits to the belief that they are powerless to change their destiny

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There was a gap in the literature concerning how technological determinist assumptions may influence the actual practice of educational technology leadership.
Ultimately, Perreiah doesn't agree with the criticisms Valla made in his Dialectical Disputations, that is, "words and grammar of a language constitute the concepts that they express"--essentially a linguistic determinist conception of thought, language and reality (60).
Importantly, biological determinist approach conceptualizes sex-differentiated roles not only as 'naturally given' but also as largely unchangeable (Coltrane, 1994; Brandser, 1996).
The exact significance of this stress on politics in inflecting the Brennerite model is not indicated but its net effect is to soften the economic determinist logic of that approach.
In summary, Marwick argues against the techno-determinist view but falls into the trap of a design(er) determinist view.
Or maybe it comes from the terrain that the country occupies, one that naturally encourages bravado, as a geographical determinist might claim.
No determinist in his religious beliefs, he provides no comfort for those who excuse themselves and others by blaming technology for the human condition.
In fairness to Libet, it should be noted that he is not a determinist, and this is not his own interpretation of his results.
Because inequality in the profession minimizes women's roles in prehistoric societies, she says, gender and feminism are not yet integral in the discipline as challenges to biological determinist and androcentric interpretations of the past.
professor and author Gregg Caruso's latest book, "Free Will and Consciousness: A Determinist Account of the Illusion of Free Will" was nominated for the 2013 American Philosophical Association Book Prize.
The first problem is often called the "source" or "ultimate origination" problem: even though our wills play a causal role in the outcomes of our lives, if the constitution and origination of our wills are causally determined by factors over which we have no control, says the hard determinist, our wills are not truly "ours.
It has made me less of a determinist, and more of an optimist.
The central theme of this book is that there is no necessitation in causation--whilst it seems right to suppose that the coming together of two instantiated powers might not produce its manifestation (due to interference, and so on), metaphysically the determinist will claim otherwise, and this book is supposed to be consistent with determinism.
Never a technology determinist, Mike brought to the journal a profound understanding of the practical circumstances within which information technologies could (and sometimes could not) be successfully deployed.
We are not passive, helpless victims of the impersonal, determinist forces of history.