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anyone who submits to the belief that they are powerless to change their destiny

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Another important argument of the determinist perspective is that human society is understood as developing first from the primal division between the sexes, with the inevitable attraction between male and female then becoming an impetus for creation of society.
83) Goodman is correct, but thinks Buddhism is hard determinist, and he ignores the fact that hard determinism and fatalism nonetheless share inevitabilism (one causal, one acausal, respectively); see Repetti ("Hard Determinism").
Second, the Libet experiments don't prove anything even about the decision-making process in the laboratory situation they created; both the determinist interpretation of the experiments and Libet's own interpretation ignore the fact that perception takes time.
Sticking to the analysis of how personal qualities and dispositions have influenced their leadership, the author avoids any historicist or determinist interpretation, explicitly contrasting his work with the cyclical theory of Stephen Skowronek's 'The Politics That Presidents Make .
Even a highly regarded book like Debby Applegate's Pulitzer Prize winning biography of Henry Ward Beecher, The Most Famous Man in America (New York: Doubleday, 2006), paints his father Lyman as a dour and depressed determinist, even though, as Douglas Sweeney's essay shows convincingly, early nineteenth-century Calvinism was intellectually lively and far from depressing.
A determinist reply constitutes a perfectly intelligible answer to the question: do we or do we not enjoy liberty in the sense of (L2)?
Wilson dismisses these latter approaches "as irredeemably determinist.
Put another way, the orthodox view is cast as technological determinist, and the critical view--primarily labour process theory--is cast as a political theory.
Karkazis's take on John Money is almost sympathetic compared to most academic and popular critiques that demonize him as either a crazed social constructionist or a rigid biological determinist.
But this is not a natural state of mind during the rest of our lives: we make many of our important decisions in the mode of the determinist, that is focusing on getting the right answer with little regard to probability or value.
I'm not sure we have the luxury of time to indulge a technological determinist viewpoint, to wait for technology to change the cultures of our organizations--not in a hyper-connected marketplace.
These determinist assumptions are now so firmly established in popular awareness that to suggest they are simply false is both radical and refreshing.
But the determinist tragedy of Sisyphus could and should be substituted with the free-will drama of Prometheus.
The more theoretical papers discus such topics as out-of-equilibrium phase transitions in mean-field Hamiltonian dynamics, stochastic webs in multidimensions, chaotic geodesics, complexity and entropy in colliding particle systems, transport in determinist ratchets, and giant acceleration in weakly-perturbed space-periodic Hamiltonian systems.
The Effects of Standardization According to the Technological Determinist Hypothesis