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an argument that is conclusive

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Since age did seem to be a determining factor in the literature examined, it is important to determine what age groups prefer the online learning format.
1999), rev'g 109 TC 416 (1997), argued that use within the industry is the determining factor, and the asset belongs in class 13.
Siegel echoes Wright's enthusiasm for Austin, citing the quality and quantity of the city's dance activity as a determining factor in selecting the site.
Programmed to act according to the laws of gravity, to the figures' "intentions," and to various flavors of randomness, these animations elegantly illustrate the desire to have programming, rather than user participation, be the determining factor in the viewing experience.
The determining factor is not age, sex, cast, post, academic qualification, or financial condition.
Picking a topology for your network will be a determining factor in its performance.
For businesses seeking investors, or for businesses that wish to set up employee stock ownership or stock bonus plans, these limits often are the determining factor.
The guideline will serve as evidence of acceptable practice, but there is no current evidence that the guideline will be used as the determining factor in establishing the standard of care.
The determining factor in our minds is the predictable running costs of the Canadian-built Pratt & Whitney power-plants.
Competition among colleges and universities is strong, and often the housing a school offers is a key determining factor for prospective students," says Peter Visentin, associate principal and director of Fletcher Thompson's College and University Practice Group.
Manager Grady Little said Guzman could see Grapefruit League action in left within a week, but that the determining factor for whether Guzman makes the club will be his bat - even if he hasn't gotten comfortable at his new position.
Ask the insurer if it uses credit reports as a determining factor.
In evaluating the use of the tips credit for an S shareholder, the basis and at-risk rules do not apply; the determining factor revolves around the passive activity rules under Sec.
The determining factor of independent review should be the client's comfort level with leaving a firm to certify its own engineering design.
Deep down, we knew that stretch wasn't going to be the determining factor,'' Phillips said.