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Synonyms for determinedly

with determination

with ambition


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I earned that, Martin," she returned determinedly to his emphatic remonstrance.
He slid the door open for her sympathetically and watched her trip determinedly out into the street.
Playing the second semi-final in Christchurch, India chose to bat after winning the toss and determinedly scored run after run despite Pakistani bowlers' persistent attempt at taking wickets, giving Pakistan a target of 272 runs against a nine-wicket loss.
Miriam Ruth, the Mother Superior, determinedly keeps young Agnes from the doctor, arousing Livingstone's suspicions further.
Then all hell breaks loose over sexual activities - of which I am sure does not involve the Prime Minister but she must deal determinedly with this issue that has rumbled around Westminster for long enough.
the couple determinedly carry on regardless, ignoring all logic, instinct and their better judgement because they have previously been assured by "Farage", the local village idiot, that the "Count's B&B" is the best in the area.
The telecast we caught was the season-ender, so we were able to see the cream of this season's crop determinedly rise up to the final's most stringent tests.
But not many cats have done it so long, so hard and so determinedly that they have bleached their top lip white in the process (as a result of the cleaning products used on the aforementioned tap, presumably in a bid to try and clean the cat saliva off it).
Robot Overlords Cert 12A IN THIS determinedly old school British sci-fi adventure, giant heavily armoured alien robots control the Earth.
By now, even the most determinedly optimistic Conservative Party strategist has grudgingly accepted that their relentless efforts to turn Justin Trudeau's leadership into a Reefer Madness reboot has fizzled.
Brahms' Requiem is a different matter: pre dominantly slow, meditative and determinedly non-flamboyant - anything less than total and unalloyed intensity can make around 70 minutes pass very slowly indeed.
But they will always resist aggressors determinedly until victory".
All teams - good, bad and indifferent - attack more determinedly when they are losing than when they are winning.
Marston Green battled determinedly and cut the deficit to 2-1 by the interval but fortune then favoured Copsewood soon after the restart as Pindy Shoker's shot hit the bar but found the net off an opposing defender.
During a round of television interviews, the Prime Minister struck a determinedly upbeat note about the UK's economic prospects, with exports to countries like Brazil picking up again.