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Synonyms for determinative

serving the function of deciding or settling with finality

determining or having the power to determine an outcome

Synonyms for determinative

one of a limited class of noun modifiers that determine the referents of noun phrases

having the power or quality of deciding

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The significance of breaking down the determinativeness issue is that in practical consequentialist terms, the use of foreign law through aggregation is seriously in conflict with democratic values only in situations where domestic law is unclear and foreign law is clear.
To some extent, the question of determinativeness is related to the question of authority and persuasiveness discussed under Mode 9, authoritative borrowing.
We find, for example, that a transcendent overrides differences without appearing either to take a position (that is, to establish its own potentially "terrorizing" prescriptives), to operate from outside rather than from within the event, or to assert an arbitrary determinativeness (to achieve a sufficiently universalizing force).