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The results of regression analysis between indexes and numbers per forest hectare showed that, among common indexes, IPVI index with determination coefficient of 0.
49 Table 2: Anova value of design of experiment F-value (Prob > F) Determination coefficient, [R.
Each equation includes the path coefficient between the observed variable and the latent variable, the error of measurement of the observed variable along with the meaningfulness test of it based on t statistic and the value of R2, that is to say that the determination coefficient or variance portion indicated by the latent variable.
the r2 determination coefficient equal to 34/0 that indicates that 34% of entrepreneurs women succeed changes by bachelor education and higher is expression.
4-4 chart: correlation coefficient, determination coefficient, Doorbin-watson test between independent and dependent variables.
Chang and Laird (2002) reported a determination coefficient >0.
In each case the determination coefficient and the correlation coefficient reached values close to a unity, which is evidence of the trend function's very good fit to the empirical data.
The table above shows the significance of the determination coefficient.
Furthermore, the results of adjusted determination coefficient reveal that during the research period, only 0.
The reason for selection of this model isits high correlation coefficient model (905/0) and the appropriate Determination coefficient (818/0).
In the case of the H6 hypothesis: There is a correlation between the financial capital level for particular country and the corruption level of this country, the determination coefficient [R.
In order to estimate the adequacy of regression models, determination coefficient [R.
As with Ts, we found a better statistical determination coefficient using the Gaussian model (Table 4).