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the quality of being predictable with great confidence

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If Being is understood as "other" from beings, any discourse will be destined to treat it as "beings" (given that that alterity is the original structure of the determinateness of beings).
Heidegger, however, takes Western metaphysics as having consistently misinterpreted nothingness as being oppositional and inferior to beyng, "degrading [it] to a mere denial of the determinateness and mediation of beings, as did Hegel and all metaphysicians before him .
It feels pain, and it is the privilege of the sentient nature to feel pain; it is a negation in its self [es ist eine Negation in seinem Selbst] and the negation is determined as a limitation in its feeling, just because the sentient creature has the feeling of its self, which is the totality that transcends this determinateness.
The Incarnation, seen from this angle, highlights that the self-determination of Spirit qua Spirit takes place as a representational determinateness for an other.
18) "Thus illusory being is the phenomenon of skepticism, and the Appearance of idealism, too, is such an immediacy, which is not a something or a thing, in general, not an indifferent being that would still be, apart from its determinateness and connexion with the subject .
As Jacob Klein has argued in Greek Mathematical Thought and the Origin of Algebra (1936), two of the distinctive conceptual features of algebra are the identification of an object with its means of representation and replacement of the real determinateness of an object with the possibility of making it determinate.
12) In so doing the good gives determinateness to actuality and possibility, and this in its turn makes possible intelligibility.
These determinations are the immediate being of the object, the determinateness through which the object is something for-another, and the essential intelligibility of the object that discloses itself in terms that are universal.
consciousness regularly contains the determinateness of the moment of knowledge; at the same time, this other is to consciousness not merely for it, but is also outside of this relationship, or exists in itself: the moment of truth.
Schindler therefore argues that "we can affirm the need for a foundation in the question of truth, without falling into the modern association of foundation with 'system,' because there is no essential contradiction between determinateness and openness" (p.
But in order that this cognition may be reached, that form has still to be relieved of the finite determinateness in which it is ego, or consciousness.
It describes the discrepancy between determinateness, bestowed by science to its objects, and freedom of self-determination, which is both a synonym and a condition of possibility for Existenz.
Most of us think so, but there are serious difficulties in maintaining the idea and in explaining the idea of determinateness in a satisfactory manner.
In the order of becoming, temporal designation corresponds to the degree of determinateness.
On account of their immediacy, they are all self-related determinateness, and one and all a single content.
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