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Antonyms for determinable

capable of being determined or limited or fixed

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His assistant Mark Venus also had to be restrained at the full-time whistle by that same fourth official, as he made his way determinably onto the pitch to try and remonstrate with the referee.
With all three the first film seems more personal, more serious, more disturbing, more challenging, the second more obviously a crowdpleaser, lighter in tone, with plenty of humour, more ingratiating, as well as more polished (bigger budget), determinably 'clever'.
The point here is that we can have a "nature" and still not be able to determinably establish what that is; nor can we use it as the theoretical ground for defining what is true, beautiful, and good, except for speculative purposes.
Denktash determinably, and Papadopoulos with reservations, were refusing to accede to Annan's call to present the plan in its entirety to the people on both sides for separate referenda ratifications.
According to leaks Sir John's report was especially damning, suggesting that the raid was "authorised on intelligence that was not merely exaggerated but determinably false .