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Antonyms for determinable

capable of being determined or limited or fixed

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Si un objeto posee una propiedad determinable debe poseer alguna propiedad determinada bajo ese determinable.
The court found that the taxpayer's bonus liability was fixed and determinable at year end because the taxpayer had a formalized profit-sharing plan that obligated the taxpayer to pay the bonuses, and any amounts forfeited were reallocated and paid to other eligible participants.
Under the Social Security program, the federal government provides Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, or SSDI, to "fully insured" individuals who have contributed to the Social Security program, as evidenced by "work history", and who, because of a medically determinable physical or mental impairment, are unable to continue performing "substantial gainful work".
Real estate investments by foreign investors can be held as portfolio investments and considered investment income described as fixed and determinable annual or periodic income.
The palpable sense of strangeness in Heffernan's work seems to rest in some fundamental breakdown in the communicative abilities of art; the historical inventory is all there, all determinable and impressively realized, but the assemblage is askew enough to introduce doubt about its meanings.
The study should include an evaluation of one or more alternatives for providing such taxpayers a reasonable basis for making estimated tax payments based on a readily determinable, rather than a "guesstimated," tax amount.
This calculation requires taxpayers to determine the amount of wages that have been absorbed into a variety of expenditure categories -- information that is not currently tracked and may not be determinable for many taxpayers.
The rules distinguish between contingent-payment sales for which a maximum selling price is determinable; sales for which a maximum selling price is not determinable, but the time over which payments will be received is determinable; and, as in this situation, sales for which neither a maximum selling price nor a definite payment term is determinable.
Over the past several years, certain not-for-profit organizations, healthcare entities, pension plans and investment companies--including funds of funds have dramatically increased their investment in financial instruments that do not have a readily determinable market value.
2) The lease contains a fixed or determinable purchase or sale option;
Further, the fair value of that beneficial interest may be estimated, at least in part, because a readily determinable fair value does not exist.
In addition, charges associated with the contract needed to have fixed or determinable fees.
The exact amount of the gain is not yet determinable and will be disclosed when the transaction closes and that information is available.
source interest, dividends, royalties and other fixed or determinable annual or periodic income from related companies, provided such payments are properly reported on Form 1042-S, Foreign Person's U.