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Morally, I fear, we must deteriorate - but this is a subject I may wisely edge away from.
I am not aware that the tone of society has assumed any peculiar character; but with such habits, and without intellectual pursuits, it can hardly fail to deteriorate.
Does it occur to you that the boys of Merry England will begin to deteriorate in an educational light, if this lasts long?
Afrim Gashi member of the Initiative Council of the BESA Movement explained the political views of the BESA Movement stressing that "the country deteriorates the interethnic relations".
If you make the wrong decision and try to reimplant an arm that is not going to be functional and it slowly deteriorates and becomes less and less functional over time, that's the kind of thing that leaves more emotional and mental trauma down the road than going through life having never had the limb,'' Stein said.
In considering rating downgrades for FMT and FIL, such action would be likely if operating performance deteriorates or if the company has difficulty executing its business plan.