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One of them is Rivertop Renewables, the Missoula, MT-based supplier of glucaric acid, which has applications as a detergent builder.
The detergent builder is comprised of a copolymer obtained by copolymerization of monomer components containing a polyalkyleneimine unsaturated monomer and other monomers, wherein said other monomers comprise an unsaturated carboxylic acid monomer and wherein said polyalkyleneimine unsaturated monomer has an oxyalkylene group.
This approach was adopted by Williams, (19) who added mineral salt to induce two distinct layers, and by Reckitt and Coleman who added the detergent builder, sodium hexametaphosphate, to cause phase separation.
Nevertheless, the two largest commercial applications -- catalysts and detergent builders -- are both relatively mature and offer only moderate growth prospects.
They perform the function of detergent builders and offer some additional benefits.