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detergent quality


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Value-added products such as those which can save water, have scents or strong detergency, are expected to play an important role in value growth over the forecast period.
Its natural detergency maintains cleaner chains resulting in less operational problems.
Detergency is an essential component to mobilize hydrocarbon phases after wetting to remove them from the pipeline wall.
Obendorf's research has broad applications in the areas of pesticide protective clothing, detergency, and functional textiles.
For instance, if improved detergency helps to increase fuel efficiency so that you burn less fuel, you may slightly increase the NOx emissions rate per gram of fuel burned, but end up with lower NOx because you burned fewer grams of fuel.
Additionally, low TBN is indicative of reduced oil detergency.
Like chemical surfactants, these compounds can be used in many processes involving emulsification, foaming, detergency, welting and dispersing or solubilizing (Desai and Banat 1997, Karanth et al.
He is the author of several scientific publications and a co-inventor on several patents in detergency and toothpaste preparations.
This happens each time new engines appear, which cause increased lube needs--usually higher detergency and more anti-wear additives.
According to this report, the major functions of lubrication are reduction of friction, removal of heat, reduction of noise, detergency, reduction of smoke and reduction in exhaust blockade provided these are used in optimal proportion with motor fuel.
The unique structure of colloids leads to many scientifically fascinating and technologically useful properties with applications ranging from detergency, petroleum recovery, protein characterization, and the manufacture of food and pharmaceutical products.
While providing strong detergency, ionized alkaline water is environmentally-friendly.
They work on a combination of solvency, detergency and chemical reaction, and can remove all types of contamination whether ionic, non-ionic, organic or inorganic.
The unique basestock and carefully selected additives promote a natural detergency and minimal coking and varnishing, increasing the service life of compressors.
We've felt for a long time that the minimum detergency level set by EPA was not adequate for many fuels on the market," said General Motors fuels engineer Andrew Buczynsky.