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DRILL TERGE: Liquid solution of nonionic surfactant formulated to increase detergency and wetting properties of drilling fluids.
Through a grant from this consumer-products manufacturer to study factors that limit detergency, she and her students pioneered a method of tagging organic substances to distinguish them from one another (in this case, the oily soil from the fiber) when viewed under the scanning electron microscope using backscattered electron imaging.
Amidopropyl betaines demonstrate good detergency, good foam properties and foam stabilization, hard water compatibility, mildness to skin and hair, ability to reduce irritation of anionic systems, viscosity building, conditioning effect, stability at a broad range of pH, and excellent biodegradability.
In addition, when tested against polyacrylates currently used in laundry detergent applications, Alcoguard H 5240 has been found to provide equal anti-redeposition, dispersancy, anti-encrustation and detergency, according to the company.
Due to their excellent foaming, wetting, emulsifying, and detergency traits, bio-surfactants have emerged as the most versatile bio-process chemicals and are widely in various industries such as cosmetics, personal care, bioremediation, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and food processing.
A third novel technology now available from ISP, called Jaypol HN 44, is designed to enhance primary and secondary detergency and may be used to "super charge" cleaning attributes of laundry detergents.
Surfactants are generally classified by their ionic (electrical charge) properties in water and are most commonly used for their detergency, but can also be used for other purposes such as emulsification, foaming, wetting, and softening.
Jaypol HN 44, designed to enhance primary and secondary detergency, may be used to"super charge" the cleaning attributes of laundry detergents.
Tomakleen G-12 additive is a detergency booster that is used with a surfactant to improve cleaning performance.
The firm's Barlox 10S, Barlox 12, Barlox 12N, Barlox 14, and FMB AO-8 are used in a broad number of industrial applications where coupling, detergency and formulation compatibility are important.
In addition, DiesoLiFT(TM ) 10 increases fuel lubricity, provides detergency benefits and co-solves normal amounts of free water, which collectively reduce maintenance costs for the end user.
Another BASF technology, Plurafac SLF 180, is a new nonionic surfactant for ADW, which offers high detergency, wetting power and soil-dispersing capacity, but with very little foam.
patent for a method for washing clothes in a washing liquid composition that does not include a surface active agent, but includes, as a substantial active component for detergency, a washing component.
Cirrasol ST offers softening through the wash without affecting detergency and does not result in graying of the fabric.