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a hinged catch that fits into a notch of a ratchet to move a wheel forward or prevent it from moving backward

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It's really necessary to have a front takedown pin detent installer.
Misalignment of safe detent position on firing selector will cause a malfunction that may accidentally arm the mortar and can result in unintentional discharge of round.
Lost Parts Kit contains most critical springs, detents, inserts and pins.
The new Multi Wheel Encoder features Hall effect sensed incremental encoder output and 12 detents with magnetic indexing to ensure proper alignment and positioning through the life of the encoder.
Q I am so damn frustrated with those stupid little steel balls used in my guns for detents or whatever.
All JSM Series switches feature positive detents, IR reflow to 260[degrees] solder profile, and maintained and momentary functions.
With its never-before-seen blade design and triple bleeder holes doubling as detents for its sheath, this dagger is like nothing else on the planet.
The throttle unit features adjustable handle resistance, detents for afterburner and idle, with LED indicators to clearly indicate throttle position, no matter how dark the surroundings.
One of the features of the latest Azimuth lever is the use of programmable detents or feeling points in the lever.
This kit includes trigger, trigger spring, trigger pin, hammer, hammer spring, hammer pin, disconnector and spring, bolt catch, b/c plunger, b/c spring, b/c roll pin, selector, selector detent, selector detent spring, (2) takedown detents and springs, pivot pin, rear takedown pin, buffer retainer and spring, magazine catch, button and spring, A2 pistol grip, screw and washer.
Check to see if the line on the elevation cam assembly matches up with the lines on the rear sight base at each of the detents.
The connectors feature detents, or "click-stops", at every 90 degrees to ensure that absolute signal integrity is maintained and that the connector is not twisted beyond the 270 degrees capability.
With the addition of detents, or motors and software, zoom settings may be calibrated and reliably repeated for measurements of various sized objects.