detention centre

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a large cell where prisoners (people awaiting trial or sentence or refugees or illegal immigrants) are confined together temporarily

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The complaint said that the detainees at the Dry Dock Detention Centre were not receiving winter clothes sent to them by their families," said Ombudsman spokesman Fahad Binali.
Before coming to mainland Australia's detention centre, the asylum seekers were held in windowless rooms on the high seas for nearly a month.
Durham Police re-opened a probe into Medomsley Detention Centre, near Consett, County Durham, last autumn after revelations of abuse in the late 1970s and early 1980s came to light in 2003.
Talking to Media Thursday, chairperson of Defence Human Rights Amna Masud Janjua said that SC had assigned the responsibility to Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Tariq Khokhar to arrange the meeting of their relatives with the persons about whom it has been learnt that they are held in 7 detention centers including Lakki Murwat detention centre.
On April 22 it succeeded in releasing 55 Somali and Eritrean women in vulnerable conditions from Zliten detention centre.
A Court of First Instance bench, presided over by Judge Maher Salama Al Mahdi, also fined the two inmates Dh100,000 to repay for the damage they inflicted on the Al Qusais detention centre in December 2009.
Security checkpoints were set up on the three causeways linking the northern island of Muharraq where the detention centre is located with mainland Bahrain to track down the fugitives.
Following last night's alarming look at life inside immigration detention centres on ABC TV's Four Corners, key health and mental health organisations and mental health advocates are demanding the Government urgently review the standards of mental health care in all immigration detention centres.
Part of Sydney's Villawood immigration detention centre was burned to the ground after Australian authorities denied some of their requests for refuge.
During these visits, representatives from ICRC held private talks with inmates of a detention centre in Tunis and in the prisons of Mornaguia and Bizerte, said the same source said.
At least 160 asylum seekers are protesting against delays in processing their applications for refugee status at Australia's controversial offshore immigration detention centre on Christmas Island.
Summary: SYDNEY, June 12, 2010, SPA -- Australia moved 94 Afghan asylum-seekers to a newly reopened mainland detention centre on Saturday to ease congestion at a crowded Indian Ocean island facility, Reuters quoted a government minister as saying.
Asylum seekers who escaped from a detention centre were yesterday urged to hand themselves in to police by a leading immigration rights campaigner.
ALL 26 men who escaped from an immigration detention centre were convicted criminals, the Home Office said.
Detainees cannot leave the detention centre and they live behind locked gates and walls topped with barbed wire.