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a large cell where prisoners (people awaiting trial or sentence or refugees or illegal immigrants) are confined together temporarily

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They dragged Farouq's dead body from the corridors of the police station to the main detention cell in order to "perfect the fabricated report," Hassan added.
Walsh, a Seton Hall University graduate who works as a nurse on a medical-surgical floor of a North Jersey hospital, said at no time did any of the guards or their supervisor explain to her what was happening and why, or even offer to allow her to wear her shoes on the long walk from the poolside club to the detention cell.
On Saturday, however, he complained about a difficult first night at the police Custodial Center, describing his detention cell as "too hot" and had cockroaches and rats.
Ms Napoles, who has diabetes and hypertension, in fact has been given an aircon room for her detention cell.
A handout photo released by the Philippine National Police yesterday shows Janet Lim-Napoles inside a detention cell at Fort Santo Domingo in the town of Sta.
I think as she's with a three month old and still breastfeeding that at least earns her a spot in a police station detention cell or similar, somewhere hygienic.
Meanwhile, the judge in the case fined the head of Jebel Ali Police Station Dhs2,000 for failing to ensure guards brought the defendant from his detention cell to the court.
KANPUR -- Pakistani national Mohammad Idris, who is stranded in India for the last 13 years, will now be kept at the detention cell of Tihar Jail in New Delhi until he is deported to his country.
In his detention cell in an unknown location, Fahmy said that about six people would take turns asking him the same questions.
While security needs dictated lots of light, a change in the detention cell design complicated light levels at Durham Courthouse.
One of the main collaborators of late Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic, who died in his Hague detention cell in 2006, Perisic surrendered and was transferred to the ICTY on March 7, 2005.
The investigations carried out so far have shown that there is evidence that five guards of the detention cell of the deceased violated law and committed criminal acts, and therefore, they were arrested and will be tried by the concerned military court, he said.
Summary: BEIRUT: The head of the EU delegation to Lebanon and a local association launched Friday works to renovate the detention cell at Baabda's Justice Palace as part of a nationwide effort to improve similar facilities.
As the probes and trials continued, however, support for Chen diminished as former DPP colleagues concentrated on rebuilding the party, largely ignoring Chen's relentless efforts to influence party affairs from his detention cell.
Held in a detention cell for 20-hours, Powless said he was shocked at the treatment many of the protesters were subject to.