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a large cell where prisoners (people awaiting trial or sentence or refugees or illegal immigrants) are confined together temporarily

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NBI Deputy Director for Investigative Service Dante de Guzman said Taguba is currently staying in a detention cell inside the NBI.
verdict will be fair, nevertheless, we demand to transfer him from the hospital to the pre-trial detention cell and to start the lawsuit", - he
The Centre has asked the Uttar Pradesh government to send Idris, who was kept in a Kanpur guest house by police in 2009, to the detention cell of Tihar Jail on July 24 until the legal hurdles in sending him to Pakistan is removed, PTI quoted District Magistrate MP Agarwal as saying on Tuesday.
Speaking to The Daily Star, Ayya called the detention cell "a smelly cemetery" without air or sunlight, "representing humiliation for a person, and a wound to his dignity.
During the trial, the jury heard some of the attacks occurred in a padded detention cell.
A BAHRAINI, who set fire to a detention cell and assaulted a policeman, was yesterday sentenced to four years in jail by the High Criminal Court.
On March 9, the day before he died in his UN detention cell in The Hague, former Yugoslav ruler and career communist thug Slobodan Milosevic wrote a six-page letter to a legal aide expressing suspicions that he was being poisoned.
The Sandiganbayan antigraft court ruled that Estrada, 66, can temporarily leave his detention cell inside a military camp in Rizal, about 50 kilometers east of Manila, at 5 a.
The centre, at Hindlip, Worcester, includes a purpose built police station custody suite, accurately recreating a charge desk, fingerprinting area and detention cell.
Oh, and there's a lovely detention cell in the basement that I know you could do wonders with.
The suspected leader of a kidnap-for-ransom gang and two other men escaped from their detention cell at the headquarters of the Philippine National Police in Quezon City early Wednesday morning, police said.
The man, self-employed and a resident of Kochi, western Japan, was being held in a detention cell at Kochi Minami Police Station after being arrested on suspicion of assaulting a 33-year-old woman, the police said.
In a statement released from his UN detention cell at the Dutch Scheveningen Prison, he said: "I am proud of everything I did for my people and my country, and everything I did was honest.
He was then transported to a jail and was placed in a detention cell after completing intake and booking procedures.
Muhammad, who is currently held at the PDEA detention cell in this city, will be charged for drug pushing and possession of illegal drugs, officials said.