detention basin

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a storage site (such as a small reservoir) that delays the flow of water downstream

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Once the soil medium within a detention basin is determined to no longer be effective in filtering storm water, the next step is to remove and dispose spent material and replace it with clean media (Ching 2001).
Bandurraga said besides Meier and Bus canyons, officials are also concerned about the fire's impact on Lang Creek that drains from the burned out area to Thousand Oaks, but new debris and water detention basins should help reduce any heavy flows there.
Before going to court, Gelineau had retained Jay Bozievich, the engineer who designed the storm water drainage system in the Jasper-32nd Street corridor - including the detention basin - for the city of Springfield, to look into the matter.
The vegetated swales, or riparian greenways, connect the basins to each other and eventually to a larger regional detention basin downstream.
The lost time has been due to unforeseen reinforced concrete excavation in the detention basin area and utility relocation, she said.
The company's latest innovation in the fight against flooding is a sustainable detention basin, planned for an area of Cramlington, North Tyneside, later this year.
A four-acre water detention basin is planned to collect enough recycled water to support the external water needs of the entire campus - about the size of 21 football fields - without the use of any potable water.
5 million, would involve the construction of a detention basin capable of handling 773 acre-feet of water.
The fund's capital projects financed from previous debt offerings have included storm drain and channel improvements, culverts, facility design costs, construction of a detention basin and the purchase of land for another basin.
Invitation to Bid: Pittman north detention basin, phase 1; volunteer boulevard: haven street to sun city anthem drive executive airport drive: volunteer boulevard to executive terminal drive
Northumbrian Water plans to create a detention basin - a landscaped area shaped in such a way that it would store excess surface water during intensive storms.
That led to a proposal to construct an open detention basin in the Brightwood Avenue area at a cost of $750,000.
Kennedy; Peter and Jennifer Guzzi; and Robert and Juanita Ann Cosner, all of Doylestown -- Oakleigh Farms Detention Basin #2, Buckingham Township Benjamin and Marie Miller of Philadelphia -- Solebury Farm, Solebury Township BUTLER Pristine Resources Inc.
69 acres in the area that serves as a detention basin.
Immediately adjacent to the detention basin (HRB) BergmE-hle and at the level of JahnstraE-e lies a storage sewer with invert discharge.