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the easing of tensions or strained relations (especially between nations)

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Ceci dit, sur le marche monetaire, les analystes financiers d'Attijari Intermediation signalent un [beaucoup moins que]retour a l'equilibre[beaucoup plus grand que]: la detente constatee des taux monetaires sur le compartiment interbancaire a ete soutenue, a la fois, par les placements du Tresor et les injections de liquidites par BAM.
The challenge these two events placed on the administration's pursuit of detente was that these Palestinian nationalist organizations through their use of multi-national hijackers and fedayeen forces used terrorism as their means to disrupt the Middle East peace process, to articulate their agenda of bringing the voice of the Palestinian people to the world's attention, and to free the Palestinian hostages held by Israel, the US and other states.
The Soviets were not deterred from adventurism in the Third World, to the detriment of detente.
When then South Korean President Kim Dae Jung and Kim Jong Il held the first North-South summit seven years ago, they did not address detente in their joint declaration.
Harahan was still living in the area between 2001 and 2003--the period during which Holylands was shot, and a time when the city was several years into the detente ushered in by the 1998 accords among Northern Ireland's political parties.
But there was a stylish detente for last week's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox, with 7th on 6th moving its headquarters to the Mondrian in Hollywood and staging all the shows at Smashbox.
Schwartz treats Vietnam only as the backdrop to Johnson's attempts to hold NATO together and reach a detente with the Soviet Union.
Khatami tells Shaikh Hamdan Iran's detente policy aims to "ease differences and attain peace" even with countries it has been at odds with.
Syria accused Israeli Prime Minister Mr Ehud Barak yesterday of deliberately working to block any possible detente in the Middle East peace process.
The trip should be welcomed by people of good will everywhere--much as they welcomed detente between the United States and the Soviet Union.
183), "`Easement,' rather than detente (or still less, appeasement) was now his favoured term for the relaxation he hoped to see in the Cold War.
As men have come to some detente with their heterosexually imprisoned bodies and women have seized initiatives both from menswear and from pragmatic sportswear, fashion has accepted sex as if finally acknowledging Dr.
A few years earlier, detente had seemed to open new possibilities for doing business in the Eastern Bloc, but those had faded quickly in the Byzantine realities of dealing with communist bureaucracies.
Furthermore, based on Alps' proprietary engineering technologies, the application of a detente structure allows for user ease of use with the feeling of heavy rotation torque, which takes place within the encoder part of the set product that fulfills mode selection functioning.
Plusieurs enfants, accompagnes de leurs parents a l'aeroport, ont exprime leur [beaucoup moins que] satisfaction [beaucoup plus grand que] a l'egard de cette initiative qui offrira, apres une longue saison scolaire, des moments de detente dans differents sites touristiques de la ville cotiere de Tenes.