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a hinged catch that fits into a notch of a ratchet to move a wheel forward or prevent it from moving backward

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Install the bolt stop and bolt stop spring, then the safety switch detent spring (37) and safety switch detent (36).
He did away with the external release tab and hid it within the frame, ditched the backspring and replaced it with a blade stop, and added an internal ball bearing detent on the blade tang to keep the blade closed inside the handle.
Using a ball detent style torque limiter is a practical way to minimize equipment damage due to jams or overloads," said Randy Breaux, Motion Industries' senior vice president of marketing, product management & strategic planning.
The motor qualities necessary for the speed runner and hurdler are speed, resistance (especially the anaerobic capacity), force, detent, mobility, flexibility and dexterity.
The digital potentiomerer has 36 detent positions, each programmed for a specific value, The user chooses a detent position, rather than entering a value on a keypad.
When arming the pylon, you are supposed to pull the pin from the second detent, electrical safe the pylon, then wait a second.
Simple and intuitive navigation enables users to rapidly view many of the company's 3500 plus products, which include assisted lift door stays/hinges; conventional, concealed and detent hinges; flush and conventional handles; latching systems; mechanical and magnetic catches; fasteners; casters; adjustable feet; drawer slides; locks; brackets and shelving systems.
On the second visit, he- simply said: "Buy our singles or I'll put you in detent ion
The 5710C uses Peterson's new generation of Impact Release System, which can be set in the detent mode to provide consistent product sizing or switched to the floating anvil mode for a primary reduction where accurate sizing is less critical.
The scraper also has two operator-definable scraper positions that can be "traveled to" by a simple detent of the control lever.
Wozniak installed an H-TLC torque limiter, which operates by a spring-loaded pin and detent design, between the motor and the shaft leading to the height adjuster mechanism.
Threaded detent pins are solid alignment pins with a ground shank and a threaded end for a knob handle.
introduces the Kwik-Lok heavy-duty detent pins for applications not requiring a positive locking ball.
It has a thumb-operated lever that unlocks a detent to allow the fuel tank, carburetor and handle to rotate 360 degrees, but will lock into 90-degree detents for cutting so the fuel tank always gravity-feeds the carburetor no matter what angle the saw is cutting.