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Synonyms for detector

any device that receives a signal or stimulus (as heat or pressure or light or motion etc

rectifier that extracts modulation from a radio carrier wave

electronic equipment that detects the presence of radio signals or radioactivity

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Through the statistical analysis, the report illustrates the global and Chinese total market of Metal detector industry including capacity, production, production value, cost/profit, supply/demand and Chinese import/export.
Almost 90 percent of all homes are outfitted with an ionization-type smoke detector.
The serial numbers will usually have a prefix of Y14-D-xxxxx for the M88 detector and Y14-M-xxxxx for the radioactive drift module.
Certification by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9000:2000 or 9001:2000) provides the purchaser with at least some confidence that every detector sold by the manufacturer is designed, developed and produced under the highest of quality assurance standards.
If a cavity exists in the pyramid, the detector will record more muons passing through that area.
Consequently, the new detector augments miniature systems that distinguish pathogens, Razeghi says.
Neutrons pass through the spectrometer, whereas decay electrons are guided by the magnetic field to either one of two scintillation detectors with photomultiplier readout.
Those temperatures are too low for spark detectors to sense since visible sparks and embers are not detectable at temperatures below 700[degrees]C.
The local docking station then automatically faxes or e-mails office-specific calibration due and overdue reports to detector users and supervisors.
Radiation detector manufacturers can help you select the equipment that meets the specific monitoring needs of your foundry, taking into consideration the size of your operation, the types of scrap you melt and how most scrap arrives at your facility.
With a hand-held metal detector, Runner and Smith demonstrated how a Swiss Army pocket knife set off the detector, while two black stealth knives did not.
Of course, even if there had been Halon bottles in the plane's hold, the 110 people aboard flight 592 might not have been saved; the flow of oxygen that the canisters were adding to the fire probably would have overwhelmed the limited supply of Halon: However, a smoke detector in the hold of flight 592 could have made a difference.
Select a leak detector that's at least one decade better in sensitivity than you need.
An explosives vapor detector is usually a portable instrument composed of two parts--a collecting device, known as a sampler, and an analyzer.
Classifying detectors is based on each detector's strength in sensing the characteristics specific to certain fires.