detective work

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a police investigation to determine the perpetrator

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His detective work took him to a London auction house and a military dealer on Merseyside before he finally located the medal, which was awarded for Bravery in the Field.
The highlight came in 1981 when he won the Dennis Hoban Trophy for outstanding detective work after he and other officers investigated three Huddersfield men for killing two women in Cheshire in a case known as the Boarded Barn murders.
The US-based company, Oakley International, was hired to monitor the Madeleine Hotline, carry out detective work and review CCTV footage of possible sightings of the missing girl around the world.
This is terrific detective work, for which the West Riding force is not notorious (see capture of the Yorkshire Ripper), but then I discovered it was the British Transport Police who dunnit.
Conrad Coates, left, and Paul Blackthorne mix wizardry and detective work in Sci-Fi's ``The Dresden Files.
These old bones help her to sketch the dinosaurs' shape, but when it comes to their skin color, Kikutani has to do some detective work.
An amazing amount of detective work and scholarship went into this edition.
It was long believed that all of Eastman's music was lost, but thanks to the determined detective work of composer Mary Jane Leach and a team from New World Records, this new three-CD set presents seven of his large-scale works.
But there are a couple of circumstances where you need to do a little more detective work before you deadline the vehicle.
Connecting the dots to better health requires some personal detective work.
The book then turns to three case studies: "Looking for Shorty," "When the Ball Fell," and "The Girl in the Park," each of which contains much detailed information about the life and times of detective work.
Stuart Mitchell, 40, has named that tune after 20 years of detective work.
A stunning piece of detective work this year by Holly Jackson, a doctoral student of English at Brandeis University, revealed that based on superficial evidence [a photograph] and wrongheaded assumptions [that Kelley-Hawkins was a light-skinned black "passing" for white, an obsession of that era] scholars incorrectly assumed the author's racial identity.
The skateboarding mouse Glory and double-o detective Oz Levinson may seem unlikely heroes, but their investigations are fair and their activities intrepid in this fun detective work for advanced elementary through middle school kids.
Alma, who as it happens was named after the heroine of the novel, begins to do some detective work.