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a narrative about someone who investigates crimes and obtains evidence leading to their resolution

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All in all, Wrights way of looking at the detective story was as a crossword puzzle: rigorous in its methodology and structure but serious only to that extent.
Thus, to date, no thorough investigation of mystery in a detective story in Sepedi has been made.
Part detective story, part marvelous cultural history" is how this account of the life and legacy of John Henry is described.
Written in the style of a detective story, the book examines, tosses out and then re-examines many trends and ideas in order to come to a conclusion that unlocks the mystery of what's to come.
The plot doesn't matter that much, either, in writer-director Shane Black's entertaining deconstruction of the detective story, ``Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,'' which also happens to be the title to a book of film criticism by Pauline Kael.
She characterizes the research that led to Ladies' Pages as a mystery or a detective story, a testament to her efforts to locate these magazines and the scant attention paid them in histories of publishing.
Part history, part detective story, and even part travelogue, this is astronomy journalist Kanipe's attempt to explain cosmology to the average reader.
Only a few were ironic, such as Gabriel Lester's All Wrong, 2005, a detective story using images found through Google, Altavista, and Yahoo
Instead, he suggests, look at the flu as part of a scientific detective story.
For their first paper, students are given a list of seven topics, each one allowing them to analyze the conventions of the classic detective story, the characteristics and methods of the writers and their famous sleuths, as well as the forensics techniques involved.
95) receives an excellent, dramatic narration by Charles Stransky as it provides the latest 87th Precinct detective story revolving around random targets shot by the same man.
WINNER OF BOTH the Pulitzer Prize and the Tony Award, and selling out nightly on Broadway, Doubt presents four unforgettable characters caught in an intriguing detective story, a collision with faith and morals and a journey to the uneasy spaces between certainty and fear.
At its heart this is a detective story with a love angle.
If you are searching for that detective story with depth, style, and quality writing, this novel will not disappoint you.
When it takes a break from skewering Bush, Silver City spins a compelling detective story.