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novel in which the reader is challenged to solve a puzzle before the detective explains it at the end

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It is important to recognize that, while Mumbo Jumbo resists the Western impulse to solve mysteries, determine meanings, and discover truths, this does not mean that Reed's detective novel does not concern itself with attaining knowledge.
What does need querying and answering is: how is it that although since Conan Doyle's day the detective novel has become more sophisticated, more complex, more ingenious, none has put the Sherlock Holmes stories out of count; no later detective (and there are dozens of the breed) has ousted Holmes from his pinnacle as the detective, the only one who would seem to be everlasting and who has permeated public consciousness.
I began by accepting certain conventions of the detective novel that interested me," says Taibo.
Cote's books partake of elements common to the detective novel, the serial-killer thriller, the historical novel, and even the western, but Lamontagne began first as a magazine freelancer and worked her way up to editor in chief.
Call it the Oprah-sizing of the detective novel, but Easy Rawlins, in his sneaky way, has slowly become a character whom we care about enormously, much more than whether he solves the case in Blonde Faith.
In this meticulous procedural detective novel and intense psychological thriller, Herron places listeners firmly in the minds of the protagonist and antagonist, where you sit and squirm until the last syllables of the final disk.
Among the bizarre products of their rigorous approach are cofounder Raymond Queneau's book Cent mille milliards de poemes (1961)--which contains ten pages each split into fourteen strips, one for each line of text, that allow the reader (in theory at least) to construct the hundred trillion poems of the title--and Georges Perec's La disparition (1969), a full-length detective novel written without the use of the letter e.
AUTHOR Alexander McCall Smith toasted the success of his best- selling detective novel series by buying a second hand car worth less than pounds 5,000.
Mark Haddon's detective novel, called the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, has scooped the prestigious Whitbread Prize and is published in both adult and children's versions.
Perhaps more important, however, is the fact that this is a detective novel (or a "detective series," as Gods, who is really the accomplished poet, Leslie Scalapino, refers to it).
Equating Rudolph Fisher's short stories and detective novel with Gurdjieff's "teaching stories," Woodson moves from decoding the esoteric subtexts to broader claims for the movement in Harlem: "Although it is clear that the narrative level of The Walls of Jericho presented a case against race and color discrimination, without Fisher's ciphered message, the reader would remain unaware of the African-American Gurdjieffians who were organizing to change the structure of American culture.
The author, known for his spy thrillers, has proved he can write a detective novel with the best of them, with excellent characters, unexpected plot turns, and interesting human emotions.
Collins was a contemporary and friend of Charles Dickens but outsold him in London and New York in 1860 with The Woman In White which was his first detective novel.
The authors note that the form of the detective novel is a perfect starting point for an exploration of the discordances of the detective's world.
He added: "My wife spotted her writing her Edinburgh criminal detective novel.