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an agency that makes inquiries for its clients

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In the lawsuit filed with the Tokyo District Court, Isohata's family said her ex-husband asked a detective agency in Tokyo's Toshima Ward in May 2007 to scrutinize Isohata's life for evidence of her infidelity, in order for him to gain an advantage in divorce court and win custody of their daughter.
1 Ladies' Detective Agency follows the 2008 film based on Alexander McCall Smith's novel.
Many names on the gravestones belong to Dundee families, because of the city's many connections to the Hit: The No1 Ladies' Detective Agency jute industry.
The Metodos detective agency traced the video material.
Waters's son, Duncan, who doctored company accounts on his father's orders so the detective agency could be paid secretly, was given a three-month prison sentence suspended for two years.
In 1850, at the age of 32, he resigned the position to start the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, widely considered to be the first agency to provide private investigative services.
In the later chapters, Norwood does a fine job laying out just how organized these mercenary forces were, claiming that in the 1910s and 1920s agencies like the Pinkertons and the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency could mobilize thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of men within a matter of days, a feat of which the U.
The 61-year-old Hodel, who lives in Lake Arrowhead where he runs a private detective agency, told reporters he began investigating his father - who abandoned the family when he was 9 years old - after finding photographs among his late father's possessions of a woman he believes is Short.
The same man also gives him a recommendation to the International Detective Agency.
Police punished 29 officers in Tokyo and neighboring Kanagawa Prefecture on Friday for allegedly leaking criminal records to a detective agency run by a former policeman, police officials said.
Expect the queer quotient to rise this fall, when Johnson and company open up a private detective agency that caters primarily to a gay clientele.
As head of a successful detective agency you have solved many interesting cases.
Asked if she would submit to independent monitoring, Gifford insisted she would, saying she had in mind the private detective agency Kroll Associates, a firm that has worked in the past with retired CIA agents.
The wealthy, he says, "can afford to pay a detective agency or some kind of police agency to act as security.
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